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Sitting Room | Blue and White

September 22, 2014

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My parents surprised us by taking the kids on Saturday afternoon and keeping them for 24 hours.  And you know we did to celebrate?  Nothing.  That's right, we stayed home and hung out in our own house and enjoyed just being home.  In the quiet.  We sat on our back deck and ordered take out and had some drinks until well after dark.  I had my coffee in peace on Sunday morning and we hung out outside again with more yummy take-out for lunch.  It's such a luxury to stay home and enjoy your home as a couple without kids.  And take-out is such a nice treat.  No clean-up!

As y'all know, I'm on a decorating kick lately.  Dare I say it aloud here, because we all know I'll probably change my mind, but I think I'm slowly evolving my love of grey into more uncharted territory; blue.  Every mood board I've been putting together lately I find myself selecting lots and lots blue.  I have a feeling I'm going to bite the bullet with this color palette somewhere in my home soon.

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  1. Love it ! Especially the artwork ...

  2. Love everything about this and you'll love D&A rugs...they are so easy to clean and practically indestructible!!

    1. how do you clean yours? I desperately need to clean our dash and albert rug I had in the kitchen for a while but I have no clue! I've googled some but so worried bleach spray will ruin it.

    2. yes, Dominique... I agree! I think I washed mine in the washing machine but I can't remember??! D&A are my fav. I want more but I am afraid I will destroy

  3. What a lovely board and congrats on a wonderful adult staycation!!! you so deserve it. xo Nancy

  4. Your day sans kids sounds like a dream come true. Well deserved mama. And, the board looks great.

  5. I'm on a blue kick too lately... I'm slowly moving away from the greige in my house

  6. Dash and Albert rugs are all I'm about these days. And I love that S&L artwork!

  7. Nice post! enjoy your beautiful day.


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