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October 22, 2014

Dining Room Design | Updated Traditional

If you saw my instagram yesterday then you already know I've been tweaking my dining room.  And it probably already goes without saying that I've really been embracing a traditional aesthetic lately.  I'm not sure if it's just my style maturing along with myself or if our new house is really begging me to embrace it's traditional colonial bones.  Either way, I'm loving it.

One thing that I'm having a really really really hard time with in general is meshing the family pieces that we have been so fortunate to accumulate with a style more in tune with our personalities.  We're in our young thirties with two small children and I want our home to reflect that.  Not that I don't appreciate the way both my mother and mother in law have decorated their homes, and other style savvy members of my family, but I want our home to have a bit more of a fresh feel from recreating their exact look.  Especially when many of the pieces in our home once lived in their homes.

You know what's not a big help?  Pinterest.  Or maybe I'm just having a hard time navigating exactly what I'm hoping to find.  It seems that everyone these days is throwing the traditional dining room out the window.  I'm so completely down for that.  Except I live in an old house.  Without an open eat-in kitchen.  And I own really nice dining room specific pieces that I like and don't want to paint or re-purpose as a media cabinet.  And I want a good looking, well styled, family friendly dining room!  That's right, call me crazy but I want a dining room!

So the hard part for me is finding accessories and modern ways to style the more traditional pieces that I have and love.  Are you drawn to traditional style?  Do you find working with the budget and things you have can really put a cramp in finishing a space?  That's probably my biggest challenge!

Lamps || Pink Scales Picture frame || Blue and white candle votive || Similar Starburst Mirror (I got mine at home depot in the store but can't find it online) || Blue and White Bowl || Talon Candlesticks || Striped Taper Candles || Pillow Covers || Sconces || Art || Buffet and Cane Chairs are antique pieces but you can find similar items all over craigslist and local antique stores


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  1. I love these vignettes you've created...they look great! Especially the sideboard! As for accessories and styling I'm big on hunting antique/vintage shops as well as Goodwill, etc. It definitely takes a few trips and time to find all the things you need but then the vignette tells a story and everything looks put together over time vs. all new!

  2. love love love the direction you're going with for the dining room...i love how you can seamlessly blend looks and make it look so very simple!! cannot wait to see the finished product

  3. I love traditional style! Especially when mixed with modern accents. I've been embracing my inner old lady style these days so traditional home styling is definitely "in" for me! : )

  4. Love the design board. I would never gravitate towards traditional or would it feel "me" in my home, but I still appreciate it and think it looks nice. Love how you made it feel modern.

  5. I have the same issue. I have so many nice furniture pieces that I have been given that are sooo traditional and it can be hard to find all the right accessories so that it doesn't look like an 80 year old's house.

  6. I can completely relate to this post. I have an antique secretary that use to belong to my great grandmother and I spent well over a year reworking our living room to keep it from feeling like an antique store. I am in love with the room now but for the longest time I couldn't stand it. And funny enough, I have it centered between two arm chairs with pink pillows...I think the pink pop lends youth and a casual feel to the space.


  7. Your dining room will of course be amazing!


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