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October 30, 2014

Fall Cocktails

I don't usually post about cocktails because I seem to have left my mixed drink days behind in my twenties.  I typically stick to wine or beer.  But Halloween is on a Friday this year and our neighborhood is having a little early evening kick-off party.  Picture lots of crazy costumed kids on the loose and the ability to walk home.  Seems like the perfect opportunity to try a fun fall cocktail!

This gives you one more day to pick up the ingredients for your favorite below!  Which one is your favorite? I'm so torn between the spiced pumpkin punch and the pear and thyme mimosas!  Do you have another fall cocktail recipe I should know about?  I also found this awesome list of spooky cockails for Halloween while looking up one of the recipes below.  It would be so much fun to make a batch and offer to your neighbors as well.  We're already planning on grilling hotdogs in the driveway during trick-or-treating so maybe a little libation for the grown-ups as well.



  1. I bet the pear and thyme mimosa is sooooo good! I don't drink mixed drinks too often either- although I do love my tequila but champs is always a must!

  2. The mimosa sounds perfect for Thanksgiving morning! I'm planning on making mulled wine for our neighborhood party, but all your recipes look tasty! Enjoy.


      Ina Garten is a sure bet! Let me know if you give it a try.


  3. Pear and thyme mimosa sounds perfect to me!

  4. Julia you're missing out on mixed drinks! :) I oddly will usually take a cocktail over wine, but I do second the mulled wine vote!! I get the William Sonoma mulled wine spices each year and they last forever plus make your house smell so good!

  5. They all pretty much sound amazing!


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