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October 14, 2014

Family Picture Outfits: Denim for Dad

This time of year I always get lots of emails from both clients and readers about family pictures.  More specifically, questions about what everyone should wear.  Most women have a pretty good idea about what they want the kids to wear and a few go-to outfits of their own that they feel really pretty in.  It's the husbands who are usually less than thrilled about the whole thing.  The money, being forced to talk about and then wear something "coordinated", the crazy that over takes their wives hoping for picture perfect perfection.  But the wives have no clue how to  coordinate their husband's without looking over the top.

The first thing I tell them is to let their husband wear jeans.  They'll feel so much more relaxed (translation: relaxed in photos) if they feel like they're not being asked to dress up.  It's also the perfect excuse to get your husband in a nicer pair of jeans if you haven't already.  It's also good to have something comfortable on for family pile-on's that are sure to give off happy smiles and great photography results.  Most men aren't programmed to play in their khaki's or dress slacks.  It must be mental.  

I typically recommend they start in the men's denim section at Nordstrom.  They always have a good selection of jeans to pick from no matter your personal style and they do have different price points.  Y'all know that denim is one area that I always splurge on.  You just can't beat the cut and fit and hold-up of a good fitting pair of jeans.  That's true for men also.  I personally prefer a classic straight or slim fit leg on anyone.  Those go up in size just like women's jeans so there is really no need for wide leg even if you're husband isn't on the small side.  They'll instantly look up to date and polished.

My favorite go-to outfit for men is a nice pair of jeans, gingham shirt, v-neck sweater, and loafers or sneakers.  I'm not talking full on athletic running shoes, but it's fun to see a guy in the shoes he's most comfortable in.  So let his personality shine!  You want to capture him for who he is along with your perfectly behaved children with their clean hands.   *winkwink*  And let's face it, a blue shirt will almost always coordinate with the outfit choices the rest of the family has on.  You can stay monochromatic or bring in a second color with the sweater.   This outfit combo is perfect for so many occasions, not just family portraits.  In fact, my guess is you probably have seen some combination of this in your husband's closet!

So there you have it, dressier on top and casual on the bottom!  Check out more selections of men's jeans that pass the modern man test without being too trendy below:

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  As always, all selections and opinions are all my own.  Please see sidebar for more information.

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  1. Have you heard of Bonobos before? My husband is obsessed and it is the only place he buys his jeans (and everything else) from. They used to be online only but just started selling the line at Belk.


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