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October 10, 2014

Friday Five + Columbus Day Sales

1.  I ordered these striped Christmas Pajamas for my kids and my nephews and a friend's little girl.  I'm so torn about how to have them monogrammed.  Names in block letters or a traditional monogram.  I wanted their names but I'm concerned it won't show up well on a stripe top.  #southernmomproblems

2.  J.Crew Factory is two years old.  I'll be honest, not sure where this date came from because I've been shopping the factory stores since the early 90's at Willow Lawn.  Maybe it's the anniversary of breaking into their own site?  Anyway, lots of big sales going on site wide.  I'm in love with this outfit in particular and have realized I need both a black & white striped top and a stone colored coat.

3.  Bag storage on the bag of the door.  I'm in love with this idea to utilize tote bag storage found in this nursery.  Wells especially has many sets now of her "girls"; Little Mermaid, Frozen, princesses, barbies, doll house girls, etc.  She likes to move them from room to room and I think this could be a great storage system for her to keep tracks of the different scenes she likes to set up.

4.  We're having a stay at home date night tonight and Matthew is making a variation on this recipe for wine sauce chicken.  What a luxury to go to the grocery store and come home and drink wine and cook together.  These are the small things that made up so much of our life pre-kids and it's really fun to do them again.  The kids are at my parents probably high on gummy snacks and Disney VHS tapes right now.  It's a win-win.

5.  I'm planning on taking the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend!  I'm so excited!  I also think I'm going to let them paint their own pumpkins this year instead of leaving them alone.  They love paint and creating things.  I might use fully washable tempura paint so it will wash off in the rain or a hose so they can make new masterpieces throughout the rest of the month.  Let's be real, nothing they make at this age is so awesome it can't be replaced the next day.


A few more sales you won't want to miss for Columbus Day Weekend:

J.Crew is still offering 30% site wide + 40% off final sale with code: WEEKENDPLANS.  See my top picks here.
J.Crew factory is celebrating with 40-50% site wide.  See some of my favorites here.
Banana Republic has 40% with code: BRTHANKYOU + free shipping on orders over $50
Serena & Lily Friends and Family sale is still live.  See my top picks here.


*affiliate links used in sale links, please see sidebar for more information


  1. I want my own pair of Christmas jammies! So cute. And that wine chicken looks so good!

  2. If you don't monogram the pajamas, you can pass them down... #northernmompractical

  3. I bought these same pajamas for my son/his cousins a couple of years ago. I have an embroidery machine and thought about putting their names or initials on them, but decided against it. In order to be able to see them, the name or initials would have to be really big and it just doesn't look cute (search it on Etsy and you'll see what I'm talking about). I decided to put an applique on them instead. I did a gingerbread man and they were adorable, and they looked great in the pictures with all the cousins! Plus, like someone else said... since they won't be personalized, you can hand them down.

  4. If you're up for a bit of a mess glitter sticks to painted pumpkins really well and they look magical ;). Have a great weekend!

  5. I vote names on the Christmas jammies and I love your ideas of using washable paint on the pumpkins so the kids can paint them over and over again!


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