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October 9, 2014

TV Above the Fireplace

I've been trying to rearrange our family room furniture to make for better flow in the long narrow space.  I wanted to avoid having the television above the fireplace.  I just don't love the idea of seeing our tv from the front door instead of a beautifully styled mantel.  But at some point function needs to win out.

The sofa and love seat are now floating in the middle or the room facing each other in front of the fireplace.  I love how much this opens up the room!  I would love to do an L shape like we previously had but it's a tight squeeze.

You can get a better full view of the room here.  We've obviously ripped up the carpet and painted all of the woodwork white since then but it will give you an idea of the parameters we're working with.  So many doors to work around!  You can see the old layout and sofa and love seat here and here.  We are planning on cutting a doorway out on the far bookshelf wall to connect the dining room and open up the flow downstairs so keep that in mind.  Anyway, this room doesn't get any natural light which makes it impossible to photograph but I'll try to get something together for you soon so you can see firsthand.



  1. I feel your pain. However, these spaces look so good, even with the tv above the mantel. Definitely need functionality over style with a family.

  2. We struggled this as well but just put our tv over the fireplace. We took the mantle down and framed the fireplace so that we could hang the tv a little lower but we are really happy with it. Definitely frees up a lot of space in the family room!

  3. I had this same dilemma with our living room and we ended up moving the TV over the fireplace...and I must say I love it. We have our two sofas facing each other and it opened up the space and made for so much more seating! Just make sure the TV isn't too high if you do move it so it doesn't hurt your neck!

  4. I have ours over the fireplace too and I don't love it because I can't decorate the mantel as I would like for holidays/seasons. But it definitely saves space in our small living room.
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  5. I love the look of a mounted tv, so popular in Charleston. Unfortunately, our mantel was too high and we would have had sore necks watching our shows :-) I would have loved to have done it though! And I love the simplicity of candlesticks/hurricanes/lanterns on either side. Concealing the wires..hmmm??

  6. So, this might be a dumb question, but where do you put your cable box/DVD player? I love the look, but I'm not sure where I'd put those things...

  7. i wanted to ask if your fireplace is painted, I like the stone color. We have a cast stone fireplace and its pure white. Looking to paint and I really like yours

  8. Can you tell me if you painted your stone fireplace? We have a cast stone fireplace and its pure white, looking for a color to paint it that makes it look not painted if that makes sense


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