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December 12, 2014

Christmas Cocktail Recipe | White Christmas Sangria

Continuing along with my 12 days of Christmas, I've got a fabulous Christmas Cocktail recipe for you today that will be sure to be a big hit at any holiday party!  I am a huge fan of a signature cocktail at any party.  It makes setting up a bar that much more fun and limits the other options you need.  I also am a major fan of the wine spritzer style White Christmas Sangria recipes I've been seeing everywhere lately.  I love that I can drink a little more while actually consuming a little less which is oh so helpful around 2am and 7am.  This drink is also super easy and really festive.  What a fun colorful addition to any night!

Yesterday I mixed up a little batch of this holiday drink to bring to a cocktail party with the neighborhood ladies.  We were doing happy hour at one house and then piling into a big van to go on a tacky lights tour.  I also have to say that I drank some with just the fruit, rosemary, white grape juice, and club soda in the afternoon while I was making it and it was delicious!  Put that on the list of amazing non-alcoholic drinks to serve up as well!  I'm calling that a Snow White Christmas.

Sadly, I still haven't gotten to try the White Christmas Sangria.  I headed out the door at 6:30 last night with Tagg en route to the hospital instead of my friend's house.  Long story short, all is well.  He was fine.  He is fine.  Although I do ask that you please pray for me. My anxiety over his food allergies is getting worse and I've been battling it pretty hard the past few months.  Episodes like last night which end up completely okay still reinforce my compounding anxiety over keeping him safe.  I'll leave more on that debbie downer for another blog post.

Also, can you tell I'm getting really good use out of my new striped scarf?  I always use my washable scarves as table dressings as well.  They're usually just the right side for a punch of casual color and are so much less expensive.  And my paper straw obsession continues.  They serve absolutely no purpose except to look pretty.  And that they do.

 White Christmas Sangria
1 red apple
1 green apple
1 cup of cranberries
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of white grape juice
1 bottle of white wine
fresh rosemary

Mix and let sit in the fridge for at least an hour.
Pour into a glass and top with club soda.   Garnish with rosemary.

This recipe could easily be doubled and made in a punch bowl.  Just go ahead and add the club soda just before your guests arrive.



  1. This looks delicious & festive! Might have to try it...happy weekend Julia!

    1. It is so festive! So, a few things I need to go back and add. If you make a virgin mixture you can keep it virgin with club soda or add in vodka, or champagne, or any liquor you love. Such a good staple! xo

  2. I completely understand your anxiety about food allergies. I have the same worries and sometimes it feels like a panic attack. I worry that I overlooked something or that my 7 yr old might accept a treat from a friend. I try to keep my anxiety from him because he is fearful after his anaphylactic episode earlier this year. My husband is so much more relaxed about it so I worry that he's not cautious enough. Prayers for you and your little guy!

  3. I made the same sangria for our annual Christmas party last weekend. I forgot the grape juice, but it still ended up fabulous!

  4. Love your blog. I don't think I could be a parent of a child with allergies. I would freak out...we have a 6 yr. old with possible asthma and he had 2 febrile seizures as a baby (now outgrown and we did a brain scan for epilepsy which was clear). He is fine--but I still freak out and can barely watch him sleep out of fear--and when he gets a cold it is awful. So crazy, I know. So, I completely empathize and send lots of love and good wishes your way! Thanks for all the goodness.

    1. thank you so much. And a big hug to you too! xo

  5. I'm sorry you are having a rough time. I can't imagine how stressful a young child with food allergies must be for all of you. I'm a worrier by nature so I'm sure I would be anxious too. Prayers for yall and that he also outgrows his allergies!

    1. thank you so much for your sweet words. I just feel unprepared which breeds anxiety. I need to just go to medical school so I can feel better ;) xo

  6. I am so making this for my 'Cookies and Cocktails' cookie exchange this coming week!

    I sympathize with you on the food allergies, my Emma has them! She's 16 now and that brings whole new set of worries…..I think she has just about had it with me asking 'do you have your Epi-Pen' every time she leaves the house!
    Have a great weekend Julia!

  7. I would need that whole pitcher to cope with my anxiety if I had a little one with food allergies! I hope things get better for you all soon!

  8. So sorry to hear about Tagg. I feel for you - I am a long time anxious worrier about everything - I can only imagine how you must worry about controlling food allergies. Anxiety is no small thing - it can be paralyzing at times. You & yours are in my prayers, girl!

  9. What type of white wine did you use? Looks so good!


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