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December 19, 2014

Christmas Dining Room + Glitter Pinecones in Glass Jars

My mom and I started collecting glass apothecary jars for the candy bar at my wedding.  I used to keep them out all the time in various rooms filled with seasonal decor but lately I feel like it's just one more thing to dust.  They now permanently live in my attic but I thought it would be fun to bring some out to decorate with for Christmas. 

My mother in law gave me a set of little glitter pine cone candles so I used those as my base but honestly anything would work.  I thought about adding in real pine cones dusted in glitter.  Wells would be all over that project.  Maybe I'll have my act together for next year.  I just added some beaded garland and voila!  Pretty little winter scene!

Here is our dining room getting all dressed up for Christmas!  This room is so incredibly dark.  It doesn't really get any natural light and there are no overhead lightsso ordinarily we just have a few lamps on when we eat.  The added warm glow of the Christmas tree is truly magical!

I'm also loving this little corner in our kitchen.  I used a plaid wool scarf to hang the wreath directly over the chalkboard.  I have seen that before and just loved it.  One of the only times of the year I don't want to paint over the green frame!   I've been playing around with writing words inside the wreath like joy or noel or peace but I think I like it plain the best.  The chalkboard sign was a homegoods find from a few weeks ago. 

I'm really having fun adding in small touches of Christmas and watching our house evolve.  It probably won't really be fully decorated until Christmas Eve and then it will be practically time to take it all back down.  I also need to find a system for all the Christmas themed art projects that have come home from school.  So many large sized precious pictures of Christmas trees, wreaths, and angels with lots of tiny hands and fingers.  I'd like to find a way to incorporate them into our decor every year.  Maybe take a picture of them and turn them into ornaments?


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