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December 5, 2014

Cousin Picture | Matching Brother and Sister Outfits for Christmas

While we were in Nashville last week for Thanksgiving I tried to snap some pictures of my kids and my nephews together.  I'm pretty sure this group of four is going to be it for grandchildren on that side.  My brother is at the Vatican studying to be a priest so it's safe to assume that kids are out for him.  I brought Wells and Tagg's new matching Christmas outfits and was pleasantly surprised to see that my sister had a perfect match for her boys.  I should have known we would be drawn to the same thing.  I love the navy and green plaid as something different from the traditional red.  My practical side says they can wear this all fall and winter and not just in the month of December.

It's fun to capture them each time they all get together in a nice portrait for my parents.  I love how each of their little personalities came out.  Graham is six and a little too cool for school but happy to oblige to earn his bribe prize, Teddy is just beaming with happy sweetness, Tagg looks super serious despite his good mood (it's clear he inherited my resting bitch face, ha), and Wells is sitting perfectly still and pulling out her "school picture smile for grownups".

As much as I love a fun mini-me stylish outfit on my children, there is absolutely nothing sweeter than traditional dress clothes.  As they start reaching the age where john johns and bishops are going to be a thing of the past in our closets I find myself reaching for those sweet styles more and more often for my two. 

 The little boys and Wells are in all Bella Bliss, one of my all time favorite for non-fussy traditional children's clothes, and my oldest nephew is in another good staple, Vineyard Vines.  I absolutely love this picture despite the lack of any real smiles.  The four of them could be sitting on the side of a highway crying and I would love it.  It's so special watching them form a friendship together and I hope that bond never wavers.  I already can't wait to four next trip together!


  1. Love their outfits! absolutely adorable.

  2. I love their outfits - especially your daughter's dress! I agree; I love the break from traditional red.

  3. Of the world to friends.
    Will present the Christmas music.
    Mariah Carey - "All I Want For Christmas Is You" - Christmas In Rockefeller 2014 @Sakamoto2Ryouma

  4. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Such sweet children. I'm totally with you - I dressed my boy in knee socks and john johns until he was old enough to refuse them! I would love for you to do a post on where you buy children's clothes... now that I'm out of the baby stage, I need new brands & stores to search :)


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