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January 6, 2015

California Cool Family Room Design

I know I promised you a detailed construction post and it really is in the works, just not today.  I need Matthew to make sure I get all the technical parts accurate before I send you off to sledgehammer through water lines or electrical outlets.

Mentally, I'm already onto the fun part, I'm ready to start really tackling this space aesthetically.  I'm ready for color!  I'm ready for laid back and sophisticated vibe in a pretty color palette.  I'm not sure exactly where we'll end up but I'm ditching my grays and neutrals in favor of something more fresh!  I still love them but they'll mostly likely find a home upstairs somewhere for now.

I'm also ready to go bold with some fun art choices.  I see a lot of mood boards around here in the immediate future while I work it all out in my head!

Get the look:  side table || Thom Saliot "woman walking" gallery wrapped canvas || sunburst wall mirror || table lamp || pillows from my favorites list on etsy || organic cotton throw


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  1. Love the second mood board Julia! The print in the first is fun but I would be afraid that with time it would end up being too "loud" in the space. The pillows are fabulous though....I have pink and navy with my chocolate velvet couch in my living room and love, love, love the look!

    1. It's all the same room! We have matching white sofa and loveseat that need to coordinate but not be exactly the same. So hard for me! Xo

  2. I love the first one with the print. It's much more interesting and I don't think you would get tired of it. Much more of a conversation piece. Plus I love Thom Saliot's pictures. My husband has one of his in his office and I love it. It's dark and very masculine and I get lots of compliments on it.

    1. That's awesome! I love his work! Actually, this is just one design board. We have a sofa and a loveseat so I need to figure out pillows for both and wall space. I'm thinking one simple element and a statement piece of art!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Whitney! I'm not sure if I have nerve enough to go so bold but it would be fantastic!


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