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January 5, 2015

It's here! Lilly Pullitzer After Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer AFTER PARTY SALE starts this morning at exactly 8am!  I can't wait to pick up a few mini items for Wells.  They tend to run small so I always size up.  For reference, she's already in a solid size 6 or 7 mini.  They're my favorite thing to buy for her because 1. They hold up immaculately wash after wash unlike so many other less expensive things.  2.  They hide stains and don't wrinkle.  3.  They are a year round dress if you pair with a long sleeve top and leggings 4. They are at once dressy yet school appropriate.  5.  They are short enough that a girl can actually run and climb and play in them!

Make sure you refresh throughout the day because items go super fast!  I also suggest hitting up a section (like dresses or tops) and then purchasing before going back to another category.  Shipping is FREE so you're not paying extra to do that!  I know I'll be thankful in a few months that I picked up a few things for her now.  The SALE is LIVE in 10 minutes!!!

Also, her adorable pink and tan cowboy boots are from here.  Tagg also has the tan ones here.

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