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Navy Walls + Navy Built-ins + Progress in the Den

January 20, 2015

Ever since we painted the den hale navy I have been itching to paint the trim too.  I've always loved the luxurious and sophisticated feel of an all dark room.  When Matthew started working on the built-ins last week we both knew for sure that not only would the bookshelves and cabinets be glossed over in navy, but the trim and molding in the entire room would be as well.

I mean this is pretty crazy for a couple of self-proclaimed color phobes.  I have to say though that there is something equally peaceful about a room enveloped in head to warm color.  Especially since the rest of our house is so light.  We're using Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore for everything.  It's truly the most perfect navy and can lend itself to so many styles depending on what you pair with it.

The only question now is what to do about the ceiling.  Do we leave it crisp white or go for a more subtle shade of pale blue to create less contrast?  My vote is light blue.  I think it would read pretty white, barely a whisper of color but just enough to soften the eye. 

What do you think?  Would you go this bold in your own house?  I feel like everyone should have one room that makes a statement like this.  The navy lends itself to the softer shades of blue scattered throughout our house so while making a giant statement it also doesn't feel out of place.

I wish Matthew could just take off the rest of this week to finish them up but you'll just have to be as patient as I am for finished results.  We're also planning on adding in french doors to the opening from the front hall and a small single glass door in the opening leading to the kitchen.  That will truly create a cozy and inviting room while still allowing light to pass through.  Can't wait to see the progress unfold in here!

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  1. I am so impressed he tackled the built ins by himself! Please tell me you are having him do a "how to" post! Patience is key, I totally understand. We have a huge whole in our hall bathroom ceiling right now where we tore out a low light box and are waiting on new drywall! Fingers crossed we start that today ;)

  2. Why don't you use the Sea Salt (?) color in the rest of your house? I painted the ceiling in my dark dining room the same barely there pink as the adjoining living room and it helps with flow. It is really pale so it doesn't read pink and your neutral may work the same.

    1. That's the plan for the dining room! Apparently it's on low priority though because the room is freshly painted. I can't wait!

  3. Girl I love this! I went dark in the living room of our house so I totally agree with one dark and cosy space in the house. I painted all trim and moldings a dark charcoal (Kendall charcoal) and the ceiling is a very light gray. I am not sure about it, kind of thinking about changing it to white. Please can I borrow Matthew for some built ins? x

  4. I love the idea of the pale blue for the ceiling as well. I agree that it's softer on the eye and would add a subtle contrast. Looking forward to seeing the final reveal :)


  5. You know I'm always in for color. It's going to look amazing. I would go with a pale blue for the ceiling, it will be fab.

  6. I'm about to paint my ceiling in my bedroom a pale blue and love this look! I vote pale blue!! It's looking so good!
    ~Mary Keller

  7. Julia, I am so excited that you are painting everything Hale Navy, including the trim and the built ins. It's going to look so fabulous! I have a navy master bedroom and have found navy to serve almost as a neutral.....so many other colors work with it and I can still change it up with flowers, throw pillows, etc. It's amazing to me....I never would have thought blue worked so well with so many different colors. I think even though you are both neutral loving, you are going to absolutely adore this room!! Can't wait to see!

  8. We are painting our dinning room hale navy. I just love this color. Can't wait to see your finished room.

  9. Wow!!! Love the shade of blue, the fanciness of the room! The rooms is very sophisticated, congratulations!

  10. I LOVE the hale navy. I think I'm eventually going to paint our third bedroom/office that color. I just have to recover from painting 70% of our house when we moved in the beginning of this month. Can't wait to see more updates -- and read Matthew's post on hiding the tv cords! We hung the tv in our bedroom and the cords are looking a hot mess.

  11. You should go to the latest online Rue magazine and see the spread of the penthouse Toby Farley(?) did for a young couple in Little Rock - and see their navy(ish) den/tv room. It's small but walls, trim AND ceiling are all the same blue color and it looks good! The whole penthouse is amazing actually!

  12. Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!! Such gorgeousness! Can't wait to see it. As for the ceiling, I'd go for a grayish white like SW Eider White! It would read light grayish blue!

  13. I saw your sneak peek on Instagram and it looks so pretty!! I think I would vote white for the ceiling too! Can't wait to see it!

  14. SO beautiful! I can't wait to see it all!

  15. Every time you ask me I would say YES to navy home decor. Love it!
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