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February 17, 2015

Look for Less | Skinny Jeans (Denim Under $100)

I talk all the time about how I splurge on some items and save on others just like all of you do.  But I realized the other day while talking to a friend at the playground that everyone's splurge items aren't the same.  What I want to spend more on might be an item you'd rather spend less.  Or maybe what I think of as a splurge is more like your never gonna happen.  Jeans have always been something I'm willing to pay a lot more for in order to guarantee a good fit.  Plus, jeans are pretty much the basis of my daily uniform so I justify the cost with a lot of wear.  But what about those of you who want a good fit but $190 just isn't in your budget for jeans no matter what?  I wanted to give you a good alternative so I decided to investigate some good denim under $100 in order to find a perfect look for less.

I decided to find an exact replica of my long-time favorite skinny jeans  but in a lower price point.  I did some online searches and narrowed it down to a few brands I wanted to try on in person.  Nordstrom has the biggest selection in all price points so I just clicked on the under $100 section to start browsing.  I made sure I wasn't choosing anything that was only in that price point when on sale.

I found the perfect match in the same brand and style as the colored cords I fell in love with a few weeks ago, KUT from the Cloth, Diana (still on sale for $33, and yes I sized down like the reviews)!  These jeans were literally an exact version of my all time favorites and priced at just under a hundred dollars.  A pretty awesome alternative for those looking to keep a lower price point without sacrificing style.

I'm wearing the KUT from the Kloth "Diana" (found here).  As usual from the Nordstrom site, they look significantly better in person.  I also sized down like other reviewers said.  Cheaper and I can wear a smaller size.  That's just fun.  I've also rounded up of some of my top picks of great denim under $100 below.

*Why are nude D'orsay pumps so hard to find in a normal price range?  These are Sam Edelman like the first pair I linked above.  My back up seems to be missing the nude color now as well but hopefully that will reappear soon.  Seriously, they are my major go-to staple and every woman should be able to own a pair for under $300.  I will continue my hunt for you!  This pair and this pair both look like they are very close and in stock!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Nordstrom.  All denim reviews and outfit selections are all my own.



  1. Ooo, I like those! I'm trying to be better about buying nicer jeans since they are my everyday uniform and the fit is so much better. I'm going to have to remember these though because they do look great. The latest pair I purchased were front Madewell and I love them! They have never bagged out on me and still look like new after almost daily wear.

  2. Those seriously look like the Rag and Bone ones! I am like you though I splurge on jeans because they are all I wear! You look amazingly skinny:)

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  4. I bought the KUT cords after you posted them and a size down was right on.

  5. Love these jeans and how amazing they look on you! (I only hope they look about half as awesome on me.) Thanks for the tip, girl!

  6. I personally am all over the place with jeans.. I own a really nice pair but I also own a pair from Forever 21. This is a great list and I would add that Gap also sells great denim for under $100! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wonderful post! There is nothing like a perfect pair of jeans...and for under $100?! Sold!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  8. They look amazing and love your coat too!!

  9. YES! I have these in black. Love them too!

  10. Wow! I'm actually in need of new good jeans. I'll have to invest in this affordable pair! Thanks for finding these amazing jeans for us. I've always been a fan of jeans from both Nordstrom and American Eagle personally. I've never seen this pair that you showed. I guess I'll have to go to the store and try them on now!

  11. How are these on stretching and sagging after wear? Nothing worse than that after a few hours of wear. Also, would you consider them more low rise or mid rise at the waist?

  12. Just ordered these jeans for $47 last night! Thanks for the rec!!

    1. Ugh, when the jeans arrived they fit horribly. They were so long and they were baggy in the calf and ankle area. They need a super skinny option like Loft has. Going back...dissapointed they didn't fit like yours look. Did you have yours altered?

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