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February 4, 2015

White Planked Bathrooom

Well surprise surprise, we've started another project.  Why start and finish one when you can literally make baby steps into several projects at once.  The good news is that they all eventually get done this way.  I think.

I absolutely love this powder room below and it looks to be exactly the same size and layout as ours.  Such a pretty blank slate!  I love all that white and the soft linen roman shade.  And man, how pretty is that marble top?

We've decided to keep the existing wood paneling and just paint it white like we did in the family room.  It's such a beast of burden to paint over that dark stain but I like the interest it adds over just plain drywall.  Of course our paneling doesn't go to the ceiling like it does in these bathrooms so I've got to decide if I'm going to recreate it on the top half or just paint it white to match.  I can almost guarantee you what my husband's vote is on this. 

Originally I wanted to do something bold on the top half with a colorful wallpaper but I'm rethinking that now.  I'm infamous for waffling between a love of color and a need for more neutral spaces.  My best guess is to stick with neutral and let the art and accessories be colorful for now.  Maybe do a fun pom-pom trim on a plain roman shade. 

 We also need to decide what to do about the existing sink console.  It's really big and clunky and stained dark brown like the paneling.  It's got an ugly cream seashell sink too.  Lovely.  While we both agree that a nice new pedestal sink would look best that means doing something new with the flooring in order to address the gap in the floor under the old sink cabinet.

I could paint it white or maybe taupe and pop a new stone counter top on top.   But it's old and dirty and not very well made so it might be better to just purchase a whole new vanity.  We'll see.



  1. We had basically the same set up and when we moved in, I waivered between painting, planking, wallpapering etc. The previous homeowners put in a beautiful pedestal sink that I love so I kept that and the ORB fixture. In the end, I decided to paint the woodwork White Dove, like the rest of the house, painted the wall above in BM Gray Cashmere, added some artwork, a cool mirror, and a tortoise shell shelf with oddities (birds, shells, and blue and white, my faves). Trying to decide on what type of chandy to go with...I can't wait to see what you do in your space!!

  2. Love these inspiration pictures. Your bathroom is going to look great.

  3. I'm a waffler too! Constantly flirting with pattern and color but in the end, white is just so clean and peaceful. Looking forward to seeing the remodel!

  4. Love the first bathroom photo as well! I think pom pom accent on the shade would be perfect! Can't wait to see the end result! :)

  5. Love the white washed planks! Perfect for a coastal retreat bathroom! Can't wait to see the makeover!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes


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