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March 27, 2015


Fridays in our house are called Mommy Days.  Which is pretty funny considering I feel like all day every day is Mommy Day.  But Wells goes to pre-school for a few hours on Monday-Thursday and Tagg on Tuesdays & Thursdays so Friday is officially the day when the three of us are left to our own devices all day long.  I actually love this time with them all snuggled up on the sofa and being lazy.  Of course what I really mean is me in the middle while they fight over who gets the iPad and who gets to pick the show on netflix on the tv.  Good parenting right here.  But we are all snuggled up in a sort of hug for least an hour or so.  And I get to drink my coffee in a fair amount of peace with two warm baby bodies snuggled up under my arms while I play on instagram or browse blogs.  Our mornings like this are numbered.  Truth.

Anyway, it's the freaking weekend around here my friends and I've got my five of the week for you!

1.  White x-backs chairs in my kitchen.  Yet another decision I just can't seem to make easy!

 My neighbor friend is selling five of her white x-back chairs for a song and I really want to buy them.  I love the style and I absolutely love how easy they are to keep clean.  She let me borrow one last week to test out in my kitchen.  I throw together three other white chairs I have (that won't work for various reasons) to get a visual idea of what all white chairs would look like in here.  I've been sitting on this decision for days.  I like it a lot.  But do I love it?  Am I being lured in by a price too good to pass up and a chance for matching chairs that will clean up with a clorox wipe?  I'm worried I'm going to regret my decision and still lust over cafe chairs.

2.  Easter Table Setting

I'm just loving the simple elegance of this pretty Easter Table.  My mom is hosting Easter dinner at their house on Easter Sunday but I still want to make a pretty table for breakfast at our house.  My in-laws will be staying with us that weekend so we'll have a nice dinner at home Saturday night as well.  Check out more of my Easter ideas in my new Spring | Easter folder here.

3. Easter Basket Cake

I've found my next pinterest idea to try to re-create in an allergy-friendly way.  This gorgeous Easter Basket cake is just the cutest and looks super easy!  I'm going to have to start giving away these sweet treats because no one in my house needs me to bake another cake this weekend.  Watch out neighbors!

4.  Arhaus Pinterest Contest to win a $1000, $500, or $250 gift card.

I posted a few weeks ago about the pretty outdoor furniture I found at Arhaus recently and went to check it out in person.  It's located upstairs right across from Nordstrom at Short Pump for any Richmond locals who might find yourself wandering around the mall with an extra 15 minutes to kill like I did.  I was daydreaming and snapping some pictures of one of the outdoor scenes when a salesperson came over to help me.  I mentioned that I was already familiar with that set as I had just blogged about it and wanted to see it in person and she was sweet enough to let me know of an online contest they were hosting.  I thought y'all might want to enter! It's really simple and you only need a pinterest account and an imagination.   Go here for details.

5. Knit Maxi Dress

I'm still loving this knit maxi dress in both the coral and the black!  I can't think of any easier style to wear than a maxi.  And at just $38, it's hard to pass up.  This floral is a killer too!


  1. I say go for the chairs! You can always sell them down the road or repurpose them elsewhere around the house. Your Easter bunny cake inspired me and now I'm thinking we have to have an Easter cake next Sunday! I'm hosting Easter for the first time and want every detail - from the table setting to the house decorations to the food - to be perfect but can't decide on my table decorations. Oh and I bought that black maxi and loved it but it shrunk up a lot when I washed it so if you get it, be careful to wash on gentle and don't stick it in the dryer!!

  2. Go for the chairs--they look great!! And you still have quite a few years of kids being rough on them so an easy-to-clean, low-cost but great looking option is a smart way to go.

  3. I think the white X-back chairs look great in your kitchen! Plus they are easy to maintain with little kiddos - which is very important.
    BUT ..... it seems like you really want the café chairs since you've been writing about them for awhile. Go for what makes you most happy

  4. I love the look of those chairs in your kitchen, maybe that will buy you a few years while the kids are still young and then you can justify breaking the bank a bit more on cafe chairs without worrying what will happen to them!

  5. Love this Easter basket cake! Looks amazing and killing delicious! Real piece of art!
    Carpet cleaners Ealing

  6. I love the look of those chairs but think they are too big for that table and space. Cafe chairs might be more size appropriate to the table and that area. Those chairs are timeless thought and you might be able to use them somewhere else down the road....
    Cute Easter table setting!

  7. Those X Back chairs look amazing in your kitchen! And that tablescape is beautiful too! Xo, Stephanie


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