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March 13, 2015

Friday Randoms

We're on our last day of Spring Break today and I'm on my last leg.  Seriously.  We've had so many snow days the past eight weeks that this break has been anything but needed.  We didn't go anywhere this year but I'm trying to make the most of our time off and the mostly good weather we've been having.

Playgrounds, children's museum, lunch dates, neighborhood walks.  I'm trying to keep them busy
but my goodness does it make me realize how much my girl needs some structure.  She's been struggling at home recently.  A sassy mouth adventurer has taken over my sweet girl.  I know she's just bored out of her mind and has had one too many cozy days inside.  She's stimulated and challenged at school in a way that I just can't replicate at home.  I think we're all ready for Monday.

Back to some of what's on my radar this morning to kick off the weekend!  As usual it's pretty rooms and some pretty eats and sips!  I hope y'all have fabulous weekend plans!

 1.  A gorgeous living room

I've been following along with Kelly for awhile now and swooned over her living room pictures she recently shared.  She has such an easy breezy coastal style that looks polished yet so comfortable.  I'm really into finding that livability factor more and more these days when I look at rooms.  

2. An almost all-white bedroom

I've been obsessing over this bedroom all week.  I can't even handle the simplistic elegance.  And that precious child laying on the bed sealed the deal for me.  I mean no matter how much try kids and pets will be landing in our comfort zone.

3.  The great kitchen chair debate continues

One of my neighbors is selling some white kitchen chairs that would be perfect in here.  They're pretty x-backs and completely 100% Clorax wipe-able!  She let me borrow one the other night to take back and try in our kitchen.  She probably thinks I'm holding it hostage because it's still here.  It's a gorgeous chair.  And clean!  But something about it is pushing me over the edge into wood tone territory.  We have a lot of white in our kitchen and I'm starting to think it's needs some warmth.  I'm always on team white furniture so this is really throwing me for a loop. 

I didn't have time to grab a picture of it with the new white chair but I'll be sure to show some more pictures on instagram later today so I can get your opinion.

4.  Coconut Bunny Cake

My mom used to make a coconut bunny cake every year for Easter and anytime someone made their First Communion.  As a child I thought it was so cool but I don't like coconut so I wouldn't eat it.  I haven't given much thought to homemade pretties like this in ages.  Now that my own children are getting a little older I want to continue on traditions like that with them.  I'm still not much of a coconut girl so I'll probably adjust the recipe to just swirl white icing for the fur.  And of course I'll be using a modified vegan recipe to accommodate Tagg's allergy.  I love our chocolate cake recipe so we might just have a brown bunny on the inside!

5. Champagne Mojitos

Now that the days are getting warmer and the evenings are lasting a little longer I've had cocktails on my mind.  I can't think of anything more delicious than this champagne mojito recipe.  I'll be kick starting my weekend cocktail hour in about eight hours.  Unless Matthew gets home from work early and then I'll celebrate early!


  1. My oldest gets sassy too when her school schedule is off. Even though I understand why she's acting the way she is, it's really frustrating! I'm also feeling an all-white bedroom for the peacefulness I think it would bring. If you make that cake, please do a tutorial (or see if your mom would do one!) because I'd love to make a non-coconut one too for Easter! That cocktail looks amazing and merges my two favorite drinks - can't wait to try it this summer!

  2. I feel for you, being a stay at home mom DEFINITELY has it's struggles!! My boys are a bit older and even though I love spending time with, a school routine is best for everyone ;)
    I live in California and can't even imagine keeping my sporty and active boys holed up indoors for snow days. If school resumes on Monday for your littles, just keep focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and enjoy the weekend together!!

  3. As a teacher of little ones, I can so relate...they NEED structure and while it is fun to be at home with mom, they do crave the relationship and time with their peers.
    I love a combination of mixed woods, but can see why you would choose to go with the stained wood if you have so much white in the room already.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Where did you get your cute window treatment in your kitchen? LOVE your blog :)

  5. That bedroom, love the simplicity and pop of color and the champagne mojito looks fabulous!! Xo, Stephanie

  6. Wow! Thank you so much, Julia, for your sweet words about my living room! I'm flattered to be on your blog!!! xx

  7. Love the white room with melon accents!

  8. A recliner chair is a beautiful furniture of a home. It increases the beauty of our home either inside the room or outside.


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