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Powder Room Update | Painting the Cabinet Base Gray

March 30, 2015

Y'all know I change my mind a lot and take forever to make decisions.  But typically once I pick something it works out.  Maybe it's because I've learned how my brain works and the discrepancy between my computer screen and my real life.  It doesn't always work out though as perfect before and after and I wanted to show that to you today.  I'm not saying I've hit a terrible misstep I'm just not sure I've hit upon my final color yet either.

In phase one of my powder room renovation I am maximizing the use of paint to get a fresh look.  The sink is something that really needs to go but can't right now.  It's old and bulky and had the same wood tones as the wall panels.  It has an old off-white faux marble Formica counter top complete with a seashell shaped sink.  Not my thing.  Matthew and I want to pop a white pedestal sink in here but that requires new flooring.  There is no wood flooring under the existing sink.  Womp Womp.

Here was the original plan I created after priming everything.  I still love it, I'm just not sure if the gray cabinet is deep enough or if I need to go back with a slightly darker shade of gray.

I'm painting the wood paneling (after lots and lots of primer) in Designer White just like the family room and kitchen and all the other trim work in our home.  I feel like long-term this is really the best decision.  I had planned on painting the sink cabinet as well.  But that pesky off white counter-top is throwing a wrench in  my plan.  I decided that if the sink had a darker color than the counter-top wouldn't look as off. 

And I was right.  The plan is most definitely working.  I'm just not sure if it's enough.  Do I need to go a shade or two darker?  This is just one coat of Balboa mist and I know it will need at least one more coat which will firm up the color a bit more.  I don't really want something super dark because that will just make the already too big cabinet look even more predominant.

Thoughts?  Keep in mind that everything still needs a few more coats of paint and touch-ups, etc. still need to happen!

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  1. I think it looks nice now so one more coat would probably be all that's needed to offer a contrast in the room without it drawing too much attention to the size of the cabinet!

  2. I also like the chosen color and after another coat it will be perfect. Even just one shade darker might be too much contrast.

    Will you share your steps for painting the cabinet? I need to do the same in all three of our bathrooms. It's currently a hideous walnut color but I haven't exactly had much time or energy to do anything about it until now.

  3. I think it's perfect! No need to go darker.

  4. I am the odd one that says a little darker. :-)

  5. I love this look - but I agree - just a shade or two darker for a little more contrast!

  6. I think another coat and some new hardware will give the best look.

  7. I say perfect as is, just another coat to finish it off. This room is looking so great already! Amazing how much paint can do!

  8. I think a bit darker would look better.

  9. I second the shade-or-two-darker motion - I think it would give a little more richness to that area, and the lighter tone is highlighting something you don't love. A darker shade will let it recede from focus. Such an improvement, though!

  10. Try Martha Stewart's "Bedford Gray." I just used this color to update a media console and when I was applying it, thought it might be too light... but it actually darkened up nicely (without being too dark!). Good luck!

  11. Marya is on target with her comments and since you asked for our advice, dap those joints and seams in the cabinet before repainting. The last photo shows what's needed and think you can see that too.
    Can't wait to see the completed room.

    1. yes! God bless dap. It's the miracle worker for older homes.

  12. This makes me want to do something similar in our hall bath. I say go a bit darker!

  13. What is Dap? I need to know! I have that paneling all over my house!

  14. Yep, darker for sure!


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