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March 25, 2015

Work Dress by MBMJ + Family Attractions in Pittsburgh

We're going to a wedding in a few weeks in Pittsburgh and I've been a little stumped on what to wear.  It's in the middle of April but I've been told the weather will feel more like winter and there might very well be snow on the ground.  It's not black tie but a summer sundress would be inappropriate.  I think I found a top contender in a dress I had previously dubbed more work appropriate.  Love a good outfit that can pull double duty like that though.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, anyone have any suggestions for things to do with kids?  It's a family wedding so they'll be coming with us for the weekend.  We have Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to keep them entertained.  I've been researching the area and the Zoo, Children's Museum, and the Incline all seem like a lot of fun.  Do you have anything else you'd recommend?

They'll happily be staying behind Saturday night with a babysitter.  She's a family friend of my husband's aunt and uncle but we've never used a stranger before so that's a whole other can of worms for me emotionally.  The only people to ever watch the kids are my parents, my in-laws, and my cousin in nursing school.  I never meant for that to be the case, I just really never needed to hire anyone we hadn't met before.  And then with Tagg's allergies escalating it never felt safe to introduce someone new to that scenario.

It's a cotton and silk fit & flare Marc Jacobs dress with a fun graphic black and white pattern like a modern take on gingham.  Once again, it has pockets which is just so awesome that I can hardly wear clothes without them anymore.  I'm 5'9 so the length should work on just about anyone.

The dress is straighter than it appears and has a more generous fit in the middle than you might expect.  I'm sometimes on the fence with dress sizes and originally ordered the larger size.  Thankfully Nordstrom does free shipping even on returns because I had to send it back and size down.  That's always a fun surprise especially when it doesn't cost you anything to fix.

I've selected a few more of my favorites from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line at Nordstrom for you below.  Lots of good workhorses mixed in.


This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  All selections and opinions are strictly my own. 



  1. I lived in Pittsburgh for nearly 20 years. I would say there won't be snow. I never remember snow in April but it might be in the 40s. The zoo is a good one and the Dusquesne incline is a fun ride. There was another incline but I am not sure it is running anymore. The Carnegie science center can be fun too.

  2. The weather in Pittsburgh in April shouldn't be much different from your weather in Richmond. There's a Children's Museum in Pittsburgh that gets rave reviews. Here's the link:

  3. I am originally from Pittsburgh but live in DC now. I visit my parents often with my 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son. The Children's Museum is hands down one of the best museums to visit in the country. Very interactive and appeals to a wide range of interests and abilities. It is in a cool part of the city that is also interesting visually. I would highly recommend it. The Incline is also worth the ride. It is just an unusual way to see a city and the view from the too of Mt Washington if the city is breathtaking. The Strip District which is the food warehouse area is a fun way to spend a morning. Great places to shop for food and eat. Pittsburgh is a great city but its weather is not the best. Often it is grey and overcast. It will be cold. One Easter all our eggs for the egg hunt that my parents put out the night before were covered in snow in the morning! Ha! That being said about the weather, you will have a great time. Pittsburghers are very friendly and love their city.

  4. Hi! Your dress will be perfect for our pittsburgh weather! I agree, you may need a dressy cardigan,etc. if the weather is chilly that day. The Science Center is great, along with The Aviary to see the penguins. Both of these are on the north side,along with the Children's Museum. You may want to visit Primanti brothers for Pittsburgh's infamous Primanti Sandwich-maybe late night after the wedding reception? Have fun!

  5. Julia,
    You look so beautiful in your dress! Thank you for sharing! Quick question about your sponsored you get the dress for free when you do a sponsored post? Nordstrom seems to be doing A LOT of sponsored posts with some bloggers, and if I am being honest, it makes me want to shop there a bit less. I am happy you all are getting something, but at times it seems to be very excessive. I hope this makes sense, and it is not a dig at you. I know you mentioned you blog for some income, and that is fair, but it seems like a lot of freebies are being given. A lot of the blogs I read just seem all about the sponsor and not much substance. I do appreciate you asked about Pittsburgh, most don't even touch another topic.

    1. Hey! I actually wrote a lengthy post last summer about sponsorships versus reviews if you'd like to read a long answer. I'll just give you the short answer here but remember I speak SOLELY FOR MYSELF on this as I can't control how other people blog :)

      Sponsored posts are when a company offers to compensate me monetarily for a post. I don't get paid upfront nor do I receive free products to use in that post. I will purchase whatever I like that fits within the realm of the agreed upon posts, be it a specific brand like MBMJ or maybe an idea, like denim. The actual content and products are left entirely up to me, both to select and pay for out of my own money. About 30-60 days after the completion of my post I will receive a payment for that post.

      Product reviews are different from sponsored posts in that I will receive a specific product up front with the only compensation being that I get to keep the product even if I don't blog about it.

      I'm so sorry you feel that's it's turning you off as I know that's never been my intention. I do struggle with how to incorporate this type of post fluently in my blog. I tend to think of these as slight commercial breaks that readers can skip if they chose and not bury a lot of other content in with it. Perhaps that's not the best way either. I also tend to do all of my sponsored content at once while it's on my brain rather than spacing it out throughout the season. That's also something I need to work on!

      I think the honest answer is that it feels more prevalent now because bloggers across the board are being more transparent and upfront about sponsored content. Years ago they just showed up with pretty things and never mentioned they received compensation or were sent the item for free. I feel like I've always tried to mention when something was given to me even before there were guidelines but I certainly do accept more sponsorships than I once did as a way to contribute to my family.

      I hope that answered some of your questions. Thanks!

  6. I think that dress will be perfect for an April wedding in Pittsburgh. Good luck with the babysitter situation! I still haven't had a non-family babysitter for my kids yet but I know I need to do it sometime. I just get nervous.

  7. Pittsburgh is sure to be cold in Spring - but beautiful. This dress is so cute with a pretty wool jacket! Have a great time!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  8. The Carnegie Science center is one of the best I've visited and we ride the incline railroads whenever we visit. My kids loved it. I understand how you feel leaving your allergic child with an unfamiliar babysitter. My suggestions are bringing your own snacks and drinks and also the Auvi-Q epipen. If you haven't seen it, ask yr dr. It gives verbal instructions which may be reassuring for a sitter. Have fun!


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