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Making it Work || Pink Tile in the bathroom

April 9, 2015

One of my good friends sent me a text yesterday asking if the pink-ish tile in her parents bathroom was the same as what is in our kids upstairs hall bathroom and if so, what colors would I pair with it to make it less dated?  Her mom wants to spruce up the space but doesn't plan to renovate.  I feel like the same tile guy must have been traveling all over the southeast peddling this stuff because it's everywhere.  And honestly, so many of us dream of an newly gutted all-white tiled haven but that's just not going to happen any time soon.  But we also want something decent enough for right now.

Side note, I've heard some really good stuff about painting tile and I actually want to try my hand at that soon.  Many people aren't going to do that step for many reasons but are still  looking for a way to make what they have work better.  So I thought it would be helpful to show a plan for making a beige-y pink tile bathroom look more modern!

Again, I obviously wouldn't seek this tile out but there are certainly ways to make it work.  Do you have an old bathroom you have leave as is for now?  Do you try to downplay the color as well?

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  1. Pretty! Love the pink and gray.....

  2. This is so great! We have peach tile in our rental apartment, and I am working on making that over. Love your picks!

  3. The house we used to rent had pink tile ALL OVER. Floors, tub, shower, walls....everything. I just decided to embrace it and added lots of gold and white. I love it...my poor husband, not so much! ;)

  4. I hear you on the hideous tile, but I beg of you- do NOT paint it! My husband's house that he owned when we got married had hideous tile in the bathroom so I painted it with paint that was supposed to be for bathroom tile. It was all peeling and chipping after 6 months and then we had to live with really attractive peeling paint until we could afford to redo the bathroom. It was not awesome.

    1. Oh no! That is EXACTLY what I'm afraid of and what is keeping me from trying it. I have heard people have better success with hiring a professional to sand the tile and spray it.

  5. You've managed to make the pink tile look up to date! Love the soft patterns in your mood board.

  6. I had that exact pinkish (slightly peach?) tile in my first house. I love the picture you found to make the tile work! I agree with Julia, painting tile is wonderful if it's not a floor or in a bathroom. My mom & neighbor both had their tiled showers professionally painted with that sanding process and it comes with a 5 year warranty for around $500 (up here in MA). Definitely recommend - totally changes the look and gives you a few more years to re-do entirely!

  7. You make the tile look super stylish in this mood board!

  8. One of my customers had her old green tile professionally painted, grout and everything, bright white. I'm not sure what kind of product they used but a huge bathroom with walls, tub & sink was about $1,500. It looks amazing. She put down a hex tile floor and it looks like a brand new room.

  9. I have this exact tile and to make matters worse the walls and the ceiling are painted a horrendous brown/beige. I am painting the ceiling and trim white but what would you suggest for the walls? I tried a sample of Balboa Mist but I was afraid it read a little purple with the pink/peach tile and lack of natural light.

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