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April 2, 2015

Quiz: How Many Kids You Should Have | So funny!

 My sister just sent me a hilarious link this morning from Blunt Moms.  Quiz:  How Many Kids Should You Have.  This morning was one of those.  I needed a laugh.  The pictures above sums it all up. 

Also, can someone please tell me that five is slightly easier than 4.5.  Because y'all, I am having a time.  Wells is just about crawling out of her skin these days to get away from me and our house.  She's bored.  She wants to make very single decision for herself.  Choosing solely chocolate and unsupervised play dates of course.  She's bored with me and she's bored with her little world.  I know that's a good thing.  Her independence is blossoming and I am thankful for that.  Well, I'm trying to be anyway.  It's just so hard watching her go from a shy little velcro baby into some form of four-nager.  I know that's just me mourning her being co-dependent.  It has me wanting another baby of course.  But I don't think I really want the reality of one.  The full on full-time taking care.  I should be relishing in the new little independence mine are showing right?  Man, no one warns you how bittersweet each new stage is.  She's just shedding the last little bit of toddler and diving head first into kid.  Help!


  1. lmao! That photo truly does say it all :D I don't know that it ever gets easier. Each age has its own set of crap that comes along with it. Right now with Izzy we're battling over everything. It's exhausting. Like, I want to crawl right back in bed and rest after dealing with trying to get her out the door to school in the mornings.

  2. My oldest daughter turns five next month and we've been going through the same things. I love how not shy she's become but don't like the obnoxious behavior that all too often comes with her asserting her independence. And the bossiness toward her little sister... My mom always said that 4 was the golden age but I'm hoping that she meant 5!! I've definitely found that solo time with just my husband or me seems to really help!

  3. 4 was by far the hardest age for my daughter/me. The challenge of Kindergarten helped tremendously - and the provided time away to be her own person! - and made our time together so much sweeter. We still have issues, of course, but she's much more logical this year AND she misses me while she's gone, so we are more likely to enjoy each other because we're not over each other by noon!

    I want another baby, too, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my two-year-old, who is now the official drive-mom-crazy person in our house. We were at dinner the other night and a family beside us who had a 9 year old and a 6 year old were having the best time. The kids were playing independently, they weren't throwing food, etc and I had a big A-HA moment: we are almost there. Such a hard decision!!

  4. Oh man. That quiz is absolutely hysterical, I sent it to my husband and fellow mamas. Hang in there - they're only little once, right....?!?

  5. so sweet :) Believe it or not, you will miss this stage! My 2 girls are 9 and 11, and my son is 7 and oh how I miss those sweet little round cheeks (but NOT the constant whining, crying and arguing). Kindergarten is the best, although I bawled when each child went (especially my last!). But it is sooo nice having some peaceful time to myself during the day (I like to paint as well and that is my "me" time to think, ponder & create!). Then when they get off the bus at 3:15 we cuddle and talk about their days and we are all so glad to be together again!

    But gosh do I miss those days when they were little - now we are talking about boys, mean girls, and when my 9 year old gets to wear a bra! (she just stated the other night that she wished she had big boobs) I am NOT ready for this!

  6. So funny! I love the "keep-it-real" photos. In Wells's defense, I really like chocolate and unsupervised playdates too! My boys are 1 and 2, and I am soaking up the fact they think I hung them moon before they are too cool.

  7. Amazingly great #KeepingItReal post, Julia!!! My boys are 12 and 9 (on Easter Sunday). So many of the above comments have helpful advice and truths in their wisdoms. Each age does have its challenges. I like to think of these difficult times as roller coaster rides - there will always be peaks and valleys but when it's all said and done we enjoyed the ride :) Hang in there, this too shall pass.
    The Quiz was too funny. I especially LOVED question #9: What is your ideal vacation? It's a definite Answer B for me: Sipping cocktails on the beach in Hawaii while someone throws sand in my drink while listening to the sound of one child complaining.... But hey, at least I'm on a beach in paradise!!!
    Happy Easter

  8. Wow! I can't believe Wells is 4.5 and kindergarten will be coming SO soon! Just think, in a few years, you will be wishing you were back at the very stage you are in now. Relish every moment!


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