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June 8, 2015

Designer Files | Brooke Wagner Design

I found a new interior designer, Brooke Wagner Design, on instagram last week that made me stop in my tracks.  I wanted to like every single picture stalker style.  I decided the smart thing to do was to check out her website so I could find even more good eye candy.  I know you'll love her easy and laid back style as well!

 I love the varying shades of blue and grey giving depth and interest to an otherwise fairly neutral space.  I also love the clean lines and understated design.  This looks like a house you could just walk into and sit down with a cup of coffee and be right at home.  Peaceful, relaxing, and polished.  Lots of classic pieces and a coastal vibe.  I want to move right in!

 Check our her portfolio here and her pretty instagram here.


  1. Love her work! I'm moving in with you, ha!

  2. I need that blue tufted poof in my life! So great!

  3. I NEED the entire house!

  4. I NEED the entire house!

  5. Gorgeous - thanks for sharing! This style is right up my alley!

  6. What a great designer. I love how she uses color!


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