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June 3, 2015

More Progress in our Navy Den

Well it's a year later, close to six months from my last update on our navy den, and we're still no closer to calling it done.  This room is right inside our home; first thing you see when you walk in the house.  A direct pass through to the kitchen.  It annoys me every time I see it.  Yet I have zero motivation to finish it up.  Sad but true.  Some projects just feel easier to stay on track.  This room keeps getting derailed.

To do:
-Everything needs at least one more coat of navy paint from the trim to the walls to the bookshelves.  Maybe two coats.  Dark over light is hard and we don't want any spots leaking through. I wish we had a sprayer.
-Decide on ceiling color.  White is too much contrast so I'm thinking a nice light blue could be a good solution.
-Scrape the windows and decide on window treatment.  Painted Blinds?  Drapes?
-Paint and hang the cabinet doors.  Add hardware.
-Finish painting the glass door and add doorknob/hardware.
-Install toe rail
-Clean out the paint supplies and scrap wood hiding around the perimeter.
-Fun stuff like update to matching chairs and add in lighting and new accessories.  Would love to add in brass library sconces over the bookshelves.
-Style the shelves.
-Address the edge of the rug where the side is curled up.  I'm going to try to find a solution by cutting it from the underside on the bottom and resewing it together.  The rug is in otherwise perfect condition and I hate to throw it out.

 I'm trying to find ways to inspire myself to get off my butt and finish things up.  Design boards, inspiration pictures, anything to keep my eye on the finish line.  The bookshelves are the easy side.  We just need to finish painting everything and hang the cabinet doors.

It's the other side of the room that's giving me the most trouble.  I want something similar to the arhaus chairs in our master bedroom.  Big enough for a man but with a low profile.  The three main pieces of wooden furniture in this space are family pieces and will stay.  But a set of matching chairs (like this set) could go along way to making this room feel complete.  Matthew would really love to layer in a cowhide or zebra rug.  Of course he wants to go on Safari to Africa to get his own which would be pretty amazing but I'm not sure that's happening any time soon.  A leather ottoman is also on his man-room dream list. 



  1. You could try one of the gray paint colors you have already used in your house for the ceiling. I used the same faint coral from my adjacent living room on the ceiling of my dark brown dining room.

  2. It's looking great! I totally understand the lack of motivation! We used that color in our younger twins room last summer. We added some moulding to the lower half and painted it white. The navy covered great for us but all that wood needs another coat. Probably won't happen ;). Plus the windows and back of the door never got a fresh coat of white to cover the old yellowish white.

  3. LOVE the design board you put together!

  4. I love the windows bare! Wouldn't add any window treatments, unless there is privacy issue. There you go, one less item on your list! ha!

  5. Love this room! I really like the chairs & hide for that room. You'll make that room sing!

  6. I love the navy in this room. It's funny you said you want something similar to the Arhaus chairs in your bedroom. I had just been thinking, why not take the chairs down from the bedroom? I feel like seating areas in bedrooms never get used anyway. They'd make a bigger impact in here. And, I like the windows bare, like Tessa above. Good luck!

  7. I totally hear you on the motivation, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who takes time to finish projects. I think the navy looks great- a light blue ceiling would be great. Can't wait to see how it turns out

  8. I hear ya on being in a rut to get something done. I think this room is well on its way to being a room you LOVE when you walk in the door. How's Craigs down there? I have had a lot of luck with ours in NoVa - maybe you could find the kind of chairs you're looking for. I'll come down to help you get r done!

  9. I adore this room. The ingredients (that which you've already done and what you are planning to do) prove that it is going to be fabulous. Have you thought about saving it for a One Room Challenge?

  10. LOVE the navy!


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