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Blackband Design || Orange County

July 6, 2015

I hope y'all had and awesome Fourth of July weekend!  We are all so freaking tired this morning!  What about you?  The kids stayed up for fireworks two nights in a row and we did a giant sleepover with cousins one night.  Didn't make for the best sleep but lots of awesome memories were made.  I come from a really big family, and it's so much fun watching my kids become a part of it all.  Worth the crankiness today.  It's overcast here this morning so we're going to lay low and get back on schedule.

I've fallen in love with another Interior Designer out of Orange County, California.  The design team at Blackband Design creates the greatest beach inspired California casual spaces.  I want to move right in!  The rooms look peaceful and durable, full of texture of but not boring.  They offer a perfect blend of casual elegance.  Just my style!

 You can also check out more of their cool style and installations here.

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  1. I love how serene everything is. It sounds like you had a wonderful (but busy) 4th!

    1. me too! We really did. I hope you did too!

  2. oh my goodness this makes me smile...SUCH gorgeous spaces!!!!!

  3. I want to move in tomorrow!!

  4. Yes!!! I've recently come across them too and just can't get enough of their stuff!

  5. These rooms are gorgeous & such an inspiration...now if only I could get my home to look like this!


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