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July 20, 2015

Designers I love | Waterleaf Interiors

Happy Monday!  Is everyone staying cool today? Our little reprieve from the heat last week ended abruptly yesterday with some pretty swampy temperatures.  Get me on the beach stat!

I've got another one to watch my friends!  Waterleaf interiors has the most beautiful rooms with an updated traditional feel in a coastal palate of blues and greens and tans.  My favorite!  They all feel very American!  I first found them via their instagram feed which posts lots of pretty images of their retail store and project sneak peeks!

 Lots of color and pattern in these rooms!  Something I just love in other people's home and am slowly trying to try in my own house!


  1. These rooms are really beautiful. If this is really your style, which it seems to be, I think you ought to bite the bullet and repaint the navy cave room in glossy white or a pale grey. It would be a boatload of work but just chalk it up to an experiment in finding your ideal style.

  2. I love the colors and textures too! What great sense of style!

    ciao xoxo

  3. This is my kind of color palette, another beautiful space! Xo, Stephanie


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