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July 15, 2015

Home Decor Items to Spruce up your home

I've rounded up some pretties for the house for those of y'all who are looking for some great home decor deals!

Table Mess Two Art Canvas (great price!) || Large Drum Basket || Pom Pom Pillow || Personalized White Lacquer Tray || Striped Bath Towels || Mirrored Bar Cart (great deal for under $200) || Voluspa Candle Set so smart to order a few for teacher and hostess gifts! || Jacquard Towel || Amira Pillow || Friessa Euor Sham || Archipelago Botanicals Initial Candle


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  1. Maybe just a coincidence, but this is the second time in recent weeks that you have mirrored what Cottage and Vine has posted!?

    1. Well I'm going to take that as a compliment because Renè has amazing taste! I've been blogging for years and I'm sure it's not the first time similar content has been shared by various bloggers. Just to clarify, it's purely conicidental as I usually write my posts a day or two before they post and don't catch up on favorite blogs until the weekends :)

  2. Check out this Caslon sweater.... I just bought 2- definitely going to be my winter uniform with leggings!! Is so much cuter in person!!

  3. Ah I love that jacquard towel, I wish it was a throw blanket!


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