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July 2, 2015

July || My favorites

I can't believe it's already July.  I feel like the days are literally speeding by me and I want them to slow down.  I'm not one of those moms that craves a lot of time away from my kids.  Summer doesn't stress me out.  While I'm probably a lot less productive, I'm actually more at peace not rushing them off to camps or sports or school.  Morning snuggles on the couch, long days at the pool, lazy evenings and late bedtimes; this is the motherhood I longed for when there was so much crying and pooping and feeding.  This is what I've been waiting for.  I wasn't the best version of myself when I had two babies. I felt isolated and unprepared.  I didn't feel needed, I felt drained.  This stage is my favorite.  I feel powerful knowing that almost anything can be fixed with a hug and a Popsicle.

Three and a half and almost five.  Their little minds are full of wonder and excitement for the world.  They can't tell time, which works majorly in my favor, but they understand waiting just a little bit longer.  They fight over who gets to be carried downstairs first in the morning or who gets to sit next to me at lunch.  They have become the best of friends and are inseparable.  Fights are quickly over and new games are invented.  They make big messes but they're easy to clean up.  I'm going to ride high through this stage as long as I can!

I've got some more fun dresses and adorable shorts for you this morning!  I'm also starting to scope out my picks for the big Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale coming up!  I've been making my lists for fall as well. 

V-Neck Jersey Maxi Dress (love the solid colors as well) || Navy Lace Skater Dress || Pink Skater Dress (only $27) || Off the Shoulder Tassel Dress (equally love the navy and that it's a bit out of my comfort zone)

 Mint Skater Dress also pretty in black || Striped dress $30 with code: GOFOURTH || gingham dress $35 with code: GOFOURTH || Three Quarter Sleeve Knit Jersey Dress

LOFT is offering 50% off everything with code: GOFOURTH which makes these shorts all $25-30!!!


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