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July 8, 2015

Trader Joes Favorites Part One

Many of  you have asked for a list of my favorites from Trader Joes!  I thought I would share some of my current staples.  Feel free to add your go-to list in the comments so we can all try something new!  It is hands down my favorite place for snack items and appetizers.  I try to eat healthy for the most part, but my cheats almost always come from here.  No, this isn't a sponsored post I'm just obsessed!

Salted Caramel Bread Pudding (or any seasonal bread pudding) + French Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Covered Banana Bites (dairy free)
Soy Ice-Cream Sandwhiches (dairy free)
Mango Sorbet (dairy-free)
Cookie Butter + Ginger Snaps

Bacon Ranch Dip + Ridge Cut Potato Chips
Pita Bite Crackers
Water Crackers
Quinoa Pesto Dip
Beer Cheese
Greek Yogurt Spinach Dip
Feta Cheese Dip
Any of the cheeses (brie, goat cheese cream cheese, herbed goat cheese, Camembert, and gouda are my faves)
Fig Butter (with the camembert)
Frozen French Style Flat bread with Caramelized Onion and Brie Cheese
Frozen Caramelized onion and Feta Cheese Bites
Frozen Five Cheese Greek Spiral
Sparkling French Limeade
Feta Cheese with 21 Season Salute spice on top


Oh man, one of the best sales of the year starts tomorrow for Nordstrom.  If you're not already a Nordstrom card holder, you can sign up here to gain early access to the Big Half-Yearly Sale and double rewards points July 9-16th!!!  Last year I wasn't a card holder and I had to wait to shop the sale.  I missed out on so many great deals and I'm not going to let that happen this year.

What's your strategy?  I have my eye on denim, shoes, and a new coat for fall!  What about you? 



  1. Have you tried the rosemary parm or caramelized onion cheese.. amazing!

    1. Okay, that's now on my list. going to have to eat raw kale for breakfast to compensate!

  2. Warning to everyone about The Triple Ginger Cookies...yes they are so delicious, but I broke a molar eating one! Had to have it pulled and now getting an implant. I'll stick to the dips and cheeses from now on! Those cookies cost me $2000!

    1. ooooh no! That totally stinks! Soft foods it is :)

  3. I recently made their Banana Bread it was really good! Mini Ice Cream Cones, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Mozzarella Sticks. Of course I love their wine and flower selection! Always looking for any new items. Sometimes I feel like a lost puppy in there because I want to browse and not sure what to try, so I look at what other people have in their carts lol! Then I almost get run over, haha!

    1. I've had really good luck with helpful workers in our store. Lots of my favorites were recommended when I said I was looking for something new to try! And our store never has fab flowers. Or they just sell out before I can get there!

  4. We love, love their frozen Indian foods and find that they rival many of our favorite Indian restaurants (for a fraction of the cost)! We also always try to keep their frozen rice packs on hand. Sometimes I'll get their bags of individual packs of trail mix for my girls to eat for snack - my girls love when I pick up these special treats - and I love that the serving size is already measured out. To keep my kids polite in the store, I let them each pick out a fruit leather to enjoy after we've paid for our groceries! Love TJs!!

  5. Their fresh squeezed pineapple juice is to die for - love their Marinara sauce with the green label (I am very particular about my sauce), and their roasted garlic hummus YUM!

  6. I haven't found one item that I don't love from Trader Joes, I'll have to try that fig butter and beer cheese! Xo, Stephanie

  7. So many good things, but my favorite is the carmelized onion cheddar. Their spicy black bean dip (not refrigerated) is always in my pantry too.


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