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August 19, 2015

Back to School Style for Moms!

I've always been one to alternate between yoga pants and actual outfits in the mornings.  It's pretty easy to throw either on, the time suck is trying to throw an outfit together in the morning, not the putting it on part.  But even when I do step it up I tend to grab the same two or three outfits on repeat.

I'm going to try to start putting together some virtual outfits to get me more inspired in the mornings and I thought you might like to play along too!  I'm starting out with baby steps here with some grab and go basics on major sale!

Colored Denim + so many colors! ($54.90) || 5" shorts ($19.90) || High-low tank ($12) ||  Shirred V-neck Tee ($9.90) || Long Cardigan + more colors ($29.90) || Sleeveless Tank ($20) ||

Blue Maxi Dress ($23.40) || Blue Printed Maxi Dress ($23.40) || Racerback Tank Dress ($28) || Shirt Dress ($32.90) || Short Sleeve Drawstring Dress


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