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August 31, 2015

Fall Party Planning

I am helping to plan our fall neighborhood party and it's so fun thinking all about a cozy fall!  I thought y'all might like to play along with me!  We're going to have catered barbecue and let each family bring a side or dessert to share.  I'm picturing lots of gingham and burlap and of course a few hay bales.

We have a really social neighborhood which I just love.  That's been the biggest and best surprise, by far, of buying our house.  The whole point is to get everyone together to chat but there will be lots going on!  We're renting two bounce houses and hiring a DJ plus several games of corn hole will be set up in the yard.

The plan was just to provide some beer and wine but I love the idea of adding in one of those fall cocktails!  They look so yum!  Does your 'hood host big parties?  We have five official big parties a year, two of which are adult only.  I'd love to hear what you do.  I've got two awesome committee co-chairs that make planning these events so much fun.  We each bring a different perspective to achieve the same end result; fun for all ages and an inclusive atmosphere.  But I'd love to hear any fun ideas you have as well!

I know, I know, that was picture heavy.  But isn't that what blogs are all about?!  Check out my pinterest boards for FALL to get more ideas! 


  1. What a great neighborhood you live in! It sounds like they organize some great parties!

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  3. this has absolutely made me want to take part in a fall party. I only wish our neighborhood had more younger families to take part in the fun. love your inspiration!

  4. So fun! And these pictures make me want to throw a party. I love those tin cans turned candle votive holders just by drilling holes in them. Very creative.

  5. Summer is highly associated to beaches and as you already know Hawaii is a good destination. You can plan a Hawaiian style party for your kids. There are a lot of company party ideas that you can incorporate in the party like Hawaiian music and costumes like grass skirt.


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