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September 1, 2015

Master Bedroom Reader Plans

Good morning friends!  We all slept through the night last night.  Holla!  I'm talking about that first.  What a day maker that can be for all of us.  I know I've talked on here before about my son's sleep troubles.  For the most part, they are completely gone.  We try to hold every piece of the puzzle together every single night but there are always interruptions to that.  And you better believe the few times Wells wakes up it will guaranteed be on a night that Tagg is sleeping soundly.  Parenthood!  You are not alone.  Side note, I made them go to the pool yesterday and they slept better. Coincidence?  I think not :)

I've got something slightly different for y'all this morning.  My sister's best friend recently emailed me about some design decisions for her new home.  Mostly with coordinating tile or tile with wallpaper. So much fun!  Just last week she asked if I would be willing to put her master bedroom on the blog with an open call for reader advice.  YES!!!  One thing I've always loved about this blog is that I can always count on you to give helpful advice.  Whether it's helping me decide on furniture or choosing a dress for an event or even mommy advice, plain and simple.  I love hearing what you have to say.

I am calling on your wonderfully creative readers for some design inspiration! We built our new home in the Dallas area and moved in earlier this summer. Most of the rooms are complete or nearly there...but the master bedroom has been mostly neglected.
I need some ideas on a rug, casual chandelier or ceiling fan, thoughts on going with artwork or photo vignette over the bed and thoughts on the reading nook. Window seats maybe, or matching upholstered chairs? We are about to get the walls painted in Sea Salt but need some fresh ideas on pulling it all together and making it look "finished". To give a little snapshot of my style, I've also included some photos of rooms that are now complete (master bath, kitchen and oldest daughter's room) :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here is the adjoining master bath and below that her kitchen so you can a better idea of her style.  It's elegant and soothing with upscale traditional finishes.

And her sweet daughter's bedroom is just coming along wonderfully.  Seriously, it's so full of light and really very pretty!  I just love sweet rooms.  You can also see she's got pretty traditional taste but likes an updated and light feel!

I've got some ideas up my sleeve for her that I'll share later this week but I also wanted to invite you to share what you would do with the space.  So many of you are so creative and have such great ideas.  I tend to love something and stick with it and have a hard time thinking outside the box.  That's where you come in!


  1. Thank you so much, Julia! You and your readers always have such great ideas and fun finds, that I'm hoping for a little design inspiration. Can't thank you enough.

  2. So FUN!!! There is a LOT you can do with that room. Very pretty white linen drapes with a pretty trim. I like the idea of upholstered chairs with a small table and lamp. Can't wait to see what you do! White, clean linens with some good accent throw pillows would look great too. I vote artwork over the bed and she could do a photo wall on another part of the wall space.

  3. What a fun project, I wish our master bedroom was that open and spacious! I love her classic and elegant style that you can see in the other rooms in their house! Have fun. Xo, Stephanie

  4. Hi! Longtime lurker, first time poster here. What a beautiful home! I'm an interior designer (just starting my own business--eek!) and think your sister's friend is on the right track. Here are some thoughts:

    Window-seats can be beautiful but I don't think they're as functional as actual seating, unless it's in a breakfast room or similar, so I'd probably opt for a couple of comfy chairs, or even a settee flanked by small accent tables and a floor lamp or matching tabletop lamps. It looks like a pretty spacious area, so maybe you could even add an upholstered ottoman or small coffee table.

    I love Ballard Designs for rugs that are pretty without breaking the bank (check out the Simrall, it has the gray tones that would complement the carrera marble in the master bath, and the Valentino--gorgeous--for more traditional styles; Moroccan Trellis style in Latte would be lovely for something more transitional and/or neutral). I tend to prefer wool rugs as opposed to seagrass/sisal in a bedroom...more comfy underfoot! I have SW Sea Salt in my own home in a guest room, it's a beautiful color.

    As far as windows go, I love the idea of panels for the 2 windows flanking the bed to create some drama and emphasize the height of the room; at the bay window, you could do panels again, or even London shades (a little softer than a Roman). I'm also a sucker for great trim; it can really elevate ready-made drapes and take custom treatments from good to fabulous. Don't be afraid of a small subtle print of some sort, especially if you keep your bed linens solid. You could even bring the fabric back to the bed with coordinating Euros or accent pillows.

    Over the bed, I would do a large art piece (or something good sized with smaller prints flanking on either side), and do a gallery wall elsewhere. I think larger pieces would be more impactful than a cluster of smaller things, and it's hard to get close enough to the wall behind the bed (unless you're sleeping in it) to really see what's going on in small photos.

    As far as overhead lighting, I think it just depends on whether you need that ceiling fan or not. I prefer the look of a light fixture, but practically speaking, I just can't give up my fan! If you do opt for a fan, I would not try to make a statement and instead choose something simple that will just kind of 'go away'. You can have a lot of fun with a chandelier...I think with your more clean-lined furniture, I would steer away from anything too fussy.

    Whew! That's more than I intended to write but it's a great room with good bones, I think it has a lot of potential:) Good luck!

    1. Hi Elizabeth Lynn-- do you have a website for your new business? If so, I'd love to see your work as I think you have some nice ideas!

    2. Thank you so much! I actually don't have a website yet, this business is *that* new...but it's coming :) I'd be happy to refer you to Pinterest to see a few projects I'm currently working on; if you're interested, you can search for me as elizabethlynn84. Email is if you have any questions

  5. Love this home! Absolute perfection. That master bath is divine. I felt a little inspired and put together a board - she can take a peek at my thoughts here:
    So fun to play with such a beautiful master suite; thanks for sharing, Julia!

  6. Wow-thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. It's always so helpful to look at a space through a fresh set of eyes. I am so appreciative.'s to implementing some of those great ideas!

  7. Dear Julia,
    This house has a real potential, I like the fact that it is so spacious. You can play with the light, with the colors, almost with any element you’d want since the bedroom lets you do this. What would you think of adding a bit more elegance to the bedroom by using a rug? Let me share with you our magic world that is hand-made by our lady artisans in Nepal.
    The rugs come in a variety of shapes and colors, but I personally think that a crème color would be a perfect fit for your bedroom.
    Plus, one of these rugs can add up even a beautiful story to your house. Let me know your thoughts! Looking forward for some pictures with the end result as well! :)


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