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May 3, 2016



Mother's Day is coming up and I thought it would be nice to round up a few of my favorite things over the next few days in case you're still looking for something for the Mom's in your life.  Today it's practical meets pretty with a tote bags.

I think it would make for such a special gift if you stocked it with a few things she could enjoy as well.  Like a book, a bottle of water, and some of her favorite snacks.  Or maybe a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers (how instagram-ish).  Or a few magazines and a gift card to Starbucks.  Or maybe some sunscreen, nail polish, and flip flops.  You get the drift.  Any other ideas?

It would also be really sweet to create a piece of photo art for her as well.  Everyone loves a picture of the kids.  That's a fact.

DRESS || ONE || TWO ($48) || THREE ($31) || FOUR || FIVE || SIX || SEVEN || EIGHT 

(The wristlet fits an iPhone 6 and according to one review it can also hold Epi-pens and an inhaler.  I'm going to need to look into that although I know it won't hold the mouth piece chamber that small children also need)


Also, Shopbop just announced a surprise 3 day sale.  No code necessary!

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  1. Great roundup and even better prices :)

  2. Love that you're back to blogging! I have the TB York Tote and love it for work--it is full of pockets! Would be great for a mama on the go, too!

    1. can we please get together soon. It's been a YEAR! coffee or wine, you pick!!!

  3. In a pinch I have used a solo cup or Styrofoam cup with the bottom cut out for an inhaler chamber for my 6 yr old. Just an FYI.

    1. That is an incredible idea! What a fabulous life hack. Thank you for sharing!


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