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May 26, 2016

Preschool Graduation Day

Don't worry, this post isn't going to go all deep and sappy on you.  Probably because I'm too tired to form a real thought at the moment.  A certain little someone around here doesn't do so well on the eve of big days.   And today is a big freaking day.

In a few hours, Wells will graduate from Junior Kindergarten.  I've realized that I'm not the Mom who's going to make a tremendous deal out of "graduating" each grade.  I'm more of a SCHOOOOOOOOOOL'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! kind of lady.  When I went to grab a little something sentimental for Wells yesterday to mark the occasion I came home with pool noodles, diving toys, and silly string.  Clearly I'm a still a child.

But the truth is, this is a really big deal for her.  A year ago her age qualified her for Kindergarten but our parental intuition told us she just wasn't ready.  It could have also been her dramatic pleading to be homeschooled or inability to deal with anything new.  Poor baby was terrified to leave the nest and it affected many aspects of our life.  I can't blame her, I'm pretty fabulous to be around all day for days on end.

But now?  Oh man, she is ready for the world!  The past twelve months have been magical.  With the love and support of the most amazing school and team of teachers our little girl has transformed into a thoughtful and confident achiever.  She believes in herself fully.  She is the leader of her class and rally's around them to encourage. She has the ability to take charge and organize a group.  Girlfriend likes to be first, but she wants everyone to finish with her.

Hands down, my favorite project from this year is the self-portraits.  The side by side comparison of September to May is striking. It's like I'm literally seeing her blossom.  I can't wait to see where this girl will go next.

Happy JK Graduation Day, my sweets.


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  1. Congrats on Pre-K graduation! I'm like you -- not one to make a huge deal out of finishing each grade -- but nonetheless this is an exciting chapter for her! I live in Goochland (and actually know your dad through work)...if Wells is headed to Goochland schools for kindergarten next year, I think she will have a great year. My son is just finishing up kindergarten there (can't believe next week is the last week of school -- it seems like he just started) and we had such an amazing year with a fantastic teacher!

  2. What fun! The ages do just get better and better even though you always just want to stop time. I did preview to 5th today with my oldest! Oy!!! Love the joggling board--we have one in VA as well. xo

  3. I haven't had a child in school in many years but I hear the pride oozing from you. I've had friends who held their kids back like you did and they all were glad they did. They ended up being leaders instead of followers, which is what you're describing. You child is blessed for your decisions. Here you go Mom...... ATTA GIRL!

  4. Love.


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