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May 16, 2016

The Weekend

The Weekend.  We finally got a break from the rain this weekend and saw the sun!  Friday afternoon our neighbors opened up their pool and while the kids swam my friends and I dreamed up plans for a pool house makeover.

You can daydream with us here.  I've already got almost 200 files pinned and a very serious case of pool house envy.  Would it be weird to convert the downstairs of the garage into a pool house if our pool is technically an inflatable intex?

On Saturday we went to a birthday party at the pool for one of the little girls in Wells' class.  Her little brother is in Tagg's class so he got to come too.  I love when that works out.  It's so much fun watching Wells swim around and dive under the water and Tagg is already so much braver than last year.  He only wanted his floaties at the end when he was probably exhausted and he didn't seem afraid of the water at all.  When it splashed in his eyes he didn't get out and whine or cry.  Hallelujah.  Plus they sleep so well after swimming that it makes me want to get a shovel and dig a giant hole right now in the back yard just to wear them out!

Wells' dress is Kayce Hughes from last year but there is a red version this year in a slightly different cut that's currently on sale || Her shoes || My dress is Nordstrom from two summers ago but this one is really similar and this one is fun and I love this one too.

My cousin and my grandmother share a Birthday and yesterday they turned 21 and 89 so we celebrated at the Jefferson for brunch.  Matthew stayed home with Tagg and honestly it would have been awful to take him.  They're super accommodating with food allergies but it's hard to explain to a 4 year old why they can't feast like the rest of us.  And a buffet brunch with no contact to dairy, egg, or peanut just doesn't exist.  Wells, however, nailed it.

I've actually taken an active interest in yard work this year.  I guess hell has frozen over.  I actually like getting out there recently.  A little manual labor is good for the soul.  Matthew is building me the prettiest garden complete with a fancy pergola entrance.  Of course I haven't planted anything yet this year.  Is it too late?  I really want basil, mint, cilantro, lettuce, green beans, peppers, and tomatoes.  Some kind of fruit would be fun too!  What do you grow?



  1. Can Matthew come build me a garden? Love it!

  2. I've unusually gotten into yard stuff this year too. I just planted some herbs! No idea if it's too late or not, I had to call my mom to ask her how much potting soil is supposed to cost...

  3. There is something strangely therapeutic about yardwork :)

  4. You could definitely still get some herbs in there. Idk ab veggies?? We've got SO many peppers popping up on our plants now

  5. We planted tomatoes late last year (close to memorial day I think) and they did just fine!


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