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May 12, 2016

Vacation Wish List

All this rain has me dreaming about a hot and sunny beach trip.  Of course that would come with an unlimited budget for new clothes and an energetic CPR/Epi-pen certified twenty-something nurse with a clean driving record so I could sip cocktails all afternoon while I watch the kids play.

Indiana Stripe Short Beach Dress I must own this.  Blue and white stripes Pink Tassels.  I know it's a splurge but I could totally wear all my worn out old swimsuits under this and no one would know.  It's totally worth it.  I just can't get in the pool that day.  But seriously I might never get in the pool ever again if I owned this cover-up.
Vacation Tote Bag $9 and it's pretty and it reminds me and everyone else I encounter that I'm on vacay.  duh.
Swan pool float I'm going to be fighting Wells for this one all damn summer. We might need two.
Sam Edelman Flip Flops might be the best $39 I'll spend all summer.  There are so many colors to pick from but I'm always a fan of gold, black, and tan.
Black and White Bikini Top this is so dang pretty I don't even care that the bottom appears to not befor sale.  I'll wear it with a solid black bottom from target.  Done.
Pink Cold Shoulder Dress ya'll know I love this one.  So feminine.  Plus it makes me feel like dancing.  And it looks like it pairs well with corona.  That's a win.
Sun Hat stylish and makes my dermatologist happy all for under $20.
Sunnies + Pink lipstick are daily staples in the summer and these are fab.

I updated the SHOP tab at the top of the blog with my summer wish list that you see rounded up below!  I'm going to try to keep that updated more often so all my seasonal favorites are rounded up in one spot for you.

I know it's a long list but a girl can dream.  I tried to add a BUY ALL button at the end but apparently you have to show a winning lottery ticket before they'll set that up.

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