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June 1, 2016

Flattering Swimsuits

The sun finally came back out yesterday so the kids and I headed straight for the pool!  I definitely miss living at the beach this time of year.  A trip or two just isn't the same.  But it's really cool that I get to hang out with my kids at the same pool I did growing up.  Plus my mom meets us there pretty much every time we go and you really can't beat that.

Several of you asked about my swimsuit I'm wearing above and sadly it's from last year and not available anymore.  But I rounded up a great list of similar suits that are all classic and flattering!

1. One-shoulder One Piece in Classic Stripe // Okay, so this item is majorly back ordered (my size said September 5th) but I think it speaks volumes that so many people tried to order this suit that J.Crew started production on another round.  This is going to be the suit you're so thankful you bought even if you only get to wear it a few times at the very end of the season.  Worth the wait.
2. Underwire Bikini Top in Classic Stripe // this one is actually available and currently 30% off with CODE:GETSHOPPING
3. Twist Front Bandeau One Piece // while not a stripe, this suit has the same flattering neckline and forgiving rusching on the tummy.  It also comes with a strap if you want the extra support to keep the ladies in or you constantly have small children with no personal space boundaries climbing on you and you'd like to avoid a janet jackson type scene.
4. Sweetheart One Piece // Same suit I have on above but in a solid.  If I can find it anywhere in a stripe I will keep you posted.
5. Tasseled Chambray Tunic // so hard to find great cover-ups for under $100!
6. Peplum Tankini // okay this is maybe one I wish I hadn't found because I can't not order it.  So dang cute. I also love the floral pattern and the solid black.  So so so pretty!
7. Striped Bandeau One Piece // love this one as well, you know I can't resist a stripe!
8. Tory Burch Navy Stripe One Piece // this one is actually Navy & White  and the stripes are in all the right places to slim and elongate.
9. Gingham One Piece // the only thing as cute as a stripe is gingham.  This looks super flattering as well.
10. Striped Halter One Piece // if I wear a halter style too long it tends to give me a neck ache but they are great for keeping the girls up and in and bringing the eye up! Also comes in a tankini version here.
11. Kate Spade Georgica Beach One Piece // again, not striped but so fun with signature Kate Spade bow!

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  1. La Blanca suits are the best!

  2. Love all these choices! I need a new suit so bad this summer so I'm going to check these out. I want that J.crew one so bad but I'm not sure I can wait for it.

  3. I love the peplum suit! I ordered a Mara Hoffman one piece on sale over the weekend. I literally could not stop ogling it on a girl at the pool. She was very tall, long, and lean...not petite and athletic like I'm hoping I'll like it as much on me as I did her!

  4. Love this post! Can you also please share where you get your hat?


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