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June 13, 2016

Our Weekend

Happy Monday, y'all.  Just kidding.  We had such a great weekend and I have zero interest in going back to reality this morning.  I'm feeling a little better but the sleep thing is still an issue, I've got work training from 9-4, my house is a disaster, I'm pretty sure there are no clean underpants in the whole house (we're playing Russian roulette with the short cycle on the washing machine this morning), Matthew has a crazy week at work, and I need to get us packed and organized for Nashville.   

We did have a really fantastic weekend though.  Like so good!  My parents threw a big welcome home party for my brother who is back home from Italy.  He's going with us to Nashville before spending the summer in Guatemala.  But after that he's back in Virginia for a year before returning back to Rome.  I'm so excited that the kids will get more Uncle Jamie time, that's really important to me.

Tagg turned into a kid over the past few weeks.  He's majorly obsessed with obstacle courses and races.  Lord help me.  It's incredible to watch him though, such a preview of what is to come!

I didn't take any pictures but we did go to a fun little birthday party at Core Academy, the gymnastics place here in Richmond, and now the kids are both obsessed with being gymnasts.  Wells is telling everyone who will listen that she's going to start training EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Our friends own an Oyster Company out of Tangier Island and dropped some off for us last night.  So delicious!  Nothing better than a bloody Mary and oysters with friends!

Of course we had more pool time yesterday.  The kids are total pool rats and I love it!  Tagg braved the shallow end without his puddle jumpers.  He can touch all the way up to the 4ft so we've been trying to convince him that he's ready to start swimming.

Anyway, totally random post today.  Hope y'all are having a great morning!

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