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June 3, 2016


When I first started this post I thought it was going to be a summer reading list.  A round-up of all the good books I've read lately or plan to read soon.  But like it often does, my mind had other plans.

I like to day dream that in the summer I'll have all this extra time for reading.  Not the lazy sunday morning sofa reading or the tropical sans kid beach chair reading, although those sound like heaven, but just the plain old few chapters of a really good book before bed kind of reading.

Lately it seems like I read less and less.  The kids notice if I try to read a book while playing with them.  For years now I've gotten away with the sit with them and read while they bang around Little People tactic.  But now they call me out on in.  No phone and no book policy during Guess Who.

During the day I'm working or cleaning our house or with the kids.  At night I'm tired.  Y'all know I started waking up at 5am to give myself two hours of quiet in the house.  It's when I drink coffee and write in the dark.  I've tried to read some during that time but my mind is full and needs to expel not take in more.  That's what I love the most about waking up first, it gives me the time I need to process my thoughts so there is room for new ones when the children wake.  So reading needs to be a day time or night time thing for me.

I've read at least a book a week pretty consistently since second grade when I discovered The Babysitter's Club Little Sister's series.  My older sister read the babysitter's club books and told me I wasn't allowed to because that was her thing so I was redirected to the literal little sister's section.  Was anyone else obsessed with Karen and her two pairs of glasses?

So here we are reaching the peak of daylight hours in just a few short weeks and I'm still not finding the time to read.  Maybe this isn't my season for books.  Maybe this is my season for writing and binge watching Gilmore Girls before bed.  If I've learned anything over the past nine months it is to slow down and listen and go with the flow.  Life will take you where you need to go if you give yourself the stillness to be moved.  Some may call that the planets aligning others call it God's will for you.  Either way I do feel a great sway lately towards certain directions.  While I miss reading I'm trusting that right now is my time to write.  Massive Action not Passive Action.  Ah ha!


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  2. I'm with you..I think our activities and interests ebb and flow based on what we need! Listen to yourself!


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