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June 2, 2016

Room Of The Week: Colorful Playroom

It's Wednesday, is everyone still having a good week?  Wells spiked a fever out of nowhere yesterday afternoon.  Along with a headache, tummy ache, and a dry cough.  Great.  I'll let you know the verdict after the pediatrician opens.  I'm not used to my girl being sick, usually it's the boys in the house that get knocked down with germs.

On to the Room of the Week:  Where I dissect my favorite pinned space from pinterest and tell you why I love it and how I imagine the people that live there.  Good stuff.

Hands down PillowFort is the best thing that Target has ever done and I absolutely love the playroom Emily Henderson designed with them.  It's my favorite room of the week because it somehow manages to make a playroom look both pretty and useful and something you wouldn't mind being on the first floor of your house in a visible spot.

All those pretty appropriately filled striped storage bins make my heart flutter.  It also helps that there is not a giant plastic Ntex toy in sight.  If anyone has any ideas for how to hide the entire Gotham City collection please help a sister out.

This playroom clearly belongs to the kind of girl who likes to spend hours snuggled up in her nook reading  books to herself.  Even though she can't read she's inspired by the frame-worthy illustrations to imagine her own plot lines.  Then she hops up to her art table and recreates her favorite scenes. I need an affiliate link to that kid.

In all seriousness, I know our kids would happily play with a cardboard box in the muddiest part of the backyard or have a pillow fight at the top of the stairs with the needlepoint pillow your husband's grandmother made for her groom on the eve of their wedding night.  You know, the one your mother in law asks about every time she comes to visit.

Gorgeous playrooms are for us Moms.  So we have something pretty to clean up while our children watch us put away their toys and complain that they have nothing to do.  And it gives us a sense of accomplishment in the evening after they've gone to bed.  Tangible proof that motherhood is just like we'd imagined.  Because sometimes the striped rug and teepee is the only part that's exactly how we'd imagined.

Check out the full selection of pretties from PillowFort HERE.



  1. I love this so much! I need another playroom to decorate now!

  2. The Pillowfort line is so cute! I especially love some of the lamps!

  3. this makes me want to decorate our playroom NOW!!!!!

  4. I loved this play room when I saw it on EH, but your commentary made me laugh!! Yup, just cleaning up the huge messes my children make while they whine about how nothing is fair... living the dream!!!


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