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July 27, 2016

Friendships + Wine

I'm hot.  I'm bored.  I'm tired.  I'm over late bedtimes and zero me-time.  What, did I say that already? Ha!  I have a tendency to step back and let my life happen to me.  I'm pretty introverted but I still crave a good bit of social interaction.  I'm used to getting a lot of that social bucket filled during the summer but for the past few years I haven't.

I was complaining about that to my life coach and she asked how I could change it.  My first thought was that I needed to stop thinking of summer as my chance to fill up my friend tank.  Just because it was that way my whole life pre-kids didn't mean that it still should be.  UH, NOPE.  She asked why I thought I needed to give up or change something that had worked so well for so many years rather than make small adjustments to my current social life to fit the pattern I knew would make me happy. Oh, right.

This is a good example of the big difference between therapy and life coaching.  Therapy would focus on why I felt like summer was my big chance to create fun with friends (om, because I liked my pool friends better than my school friends?  And no homework?).  Life coaching focuses on what I can do to create fun with friends.

I read an article a few years ago about a work-from-home couple that felt really isolated after having a baby so they started hosting dinner every Friday for like 20 people.  Nothing fancy, just people sharing a meal together.  They would put it on Facebook that they were cooking their family recipe meatballs and would love some company.  All you had to do was reply back and bring something to share.  It wasn't about the food it was about the friendship.
That really resonated with me.  But while I crave this sort of interaction it drains my husband so it's not going to be in the form of pot-luck dinners.  This is my thing, not our thing.  I decided I'm going to start a regular ladies night at my house every other week.  Maybe on Mondays when we can watch Bravo or Thursdays so we can whine about the week with wine.  It's not book club or bible study or bunco or anything else you have to prepare for ahead of time. There very well may be a strict dress code of yoga pants.  Except in December. My birthday month requires sequins and shit to make me feel like a fancy grownup.   This will be in addition to my weekly coffee dates that can pick back up when the kids are back in school.  Holla!

Tonight I've got my neighborhood Mom's Night Out so my big plan starts next week.  It's going to be good.  Lots of Bravo to discuss.  Please tell me you are watching Odd Mom Out season 2?  I can't even handle this show.  It's literally the funniest thing ever.



  1. I do a west end moms yoga pants & slippers cookie exchange in December -- please join us this year?!

  2. I feel ya momma. I have a college friends reunion next weekend and it may have been circled, starred and highlighted in my calendar for weeks!

  3. You are singing my song! "My thing, not our thing"...yes! I love my house, my husband, my children, but I just realized I am lonely. Yet also introverted but social-craving. Such a hard line to dance. Thanks for your amazingly insightful posts that truly make me feel not so alone. Cheers to you--sounds fun!!!

  4. Why don't we live in the same city?!? We are literally "soul sistahs"! 😜 I ❤️ Odd Mom Out, too! 😂😂😂


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