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July 3, 2016

Independence Day

I just posted this picture on Instagram.  Because I love it.  Any time all four of us are in the same picture it makes my heart explode.  And everyone smiling?  That's a keeper.  Of course I want to remember the four of us happy and together on our big relaxing 4 day weekend in the Mountains. The location and the smiles are real but it's not the whole picture.  We came back less than 24 hours after we got there because Tagg got sick.

What you can't see is the exhaustion Matthew and I felt after we were up all night with Tagg as he cried and writhed in pain. What you can't see is the worry I was battling as I anxiously awaited a call back from our pediatrician who tried to help diagnose the poor kid via texted pictures from 4 hours away so he could immediately start on antibiotics.  What you can't see is the itchy infected rash on his knees (staff infection) or the red bumps on his face (impetigo) or the pulling skin and horrible pain under his armpit (bacterial infection).  I admittedly edited those out because he has the right to not have pictures of him looking like that on the internet.  Just after this picture was taken we drove to a random Walmart to pick up a prescription before heading back home.

Last night sucked as bad as the night before but at least we slept in our own beds. Well, Tagg was in our bed with me and Matthew was on the couch.  We're just trying to keep him comfortable today and monitoring to see if the antibiotics are working. It's raining this morning and Tagg needs to stay in bed.  So much for a big time.

I'm not saying any of this to be a debbie downer or to sound dramatically whoa is me.  I just want all of you who are sitting at home right now because your kid is sick or you had to work or you couldn't afford to go on vacation right now or the thought of traveling with little kids makes your heart beat too fast or your four year old flat out refused to wear the American Flag smocked dress you bought her or threw a temper tantrum at the neighborhood parade and you wished you had just stayed home or your neighborhood doesn't do a parade and you wish you lived somewhere that did or whatever it is that makes your morning look like an ordinary one today and not a celebration worthy of a magazine spread that you're not alone.  You're not the only one thinking is this really it today?

I plan on putting on a pretty blue & white sundress tomorrow evening and drinking a glass of rose´ on my back deck and lighting some sparklers with Matthew and the kids.  It may not be how I pictured but it's going to be ours.


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  1. I love this post and love your candor! Happy 4th and hope sweet Tagg feels better soon!

  2. Ugg, we were in a somewhat similar boat this weekend. Our little one had an allergic reaction to a new formula and we ended up taking her to the ER. She is protesting anything that isn't breastmilk (and I don't produce enough), so it has been some long days and nights. Thanks for sharing. Being a parent is tough ( and scary)!

  3. My daughter spent her first Christmas in quarantine in a Peds unit. Someone brought us a small plastic tree that had been scrubbed to within an inch of it's life. We did not plan for our first Christmas pics and scrapbook page to have pictures of a tiny baby with tubes coming out of every inch of her body but, now, 24 years later we love those pictures because she has been a fighter every step of the way (and it's been a long haul) and we were and are all still together. And sometimes we get to post those picture perfect moments which are all the sweeter because we have had those that weren't so "photogenic" Hang in there!!

  4. You are awesome! Your candidness is so refreshing!

  5. Hope Tagg is feeling better! So hard to be away from the homestead when the little ones aren't well. Sending love your way mama! xo


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