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July 11, 2016

Summer Birthday Party

Six.  Man.  My girl is about to be six.  I can't even believe that it's been five years since I shared her First Birthday on here and here I am already planning her 6th.

Of course it's going to be full of color like our girl!  But only the "girl colors" according to Wells. Like in past years, we're going to have the party at our house.  She wants cake with ice cream and lots of water fun!  Usually the kids entertain themselves without any actual "party activities" but Wells has a few ideas up her sleeve this year for some competition.  I'm thinking water bucket relay races and water balloon fights.  Maybe a craft?

I'm tossing around the idea of renting a giant water slide contraption.  I know it would make her so so happy but besides the cost, I'm not sure I want to deal with the anxiety of worrying that someone will get hurt. Water + bounce house + slide seems like an ER trip waiting to happen.  Maybe I'm over thinking that.

I think we'll have less adults than usual now that the kids are in the drop off stage but I still plan on having something fun for the Moms who stay.  I'll probably serve popsicles in prosecco or some sort of fun cocktail that can mixed in a pitcher.  Or maybe just chilled rose´ if I run out of steam :)

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  1. Summer birthdays are the best--we are early May and late November which both preclude the water balloons and slip n slide fun. Lucky you!! We went to a party with the big blow up water slide and despite my severe anxiety, I didn't feel anyone would get hurt. However, all the kids ended up throwing up the next day from something that got in the water. Ewwww!!! They will have just as much fun with some slip n slides, sprinklers, and water balloons. But I did let them go to another one years later and no one got sick! ;) Have fun, time flies...happy birthday, W!


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