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July 6, 2016


Hump Day.  Hmmm, I'm ready to get over the hump that's for sure.  So a quick update on Tagg, he's still sick.  The pediatrician switched him to a stronger double antibiotic yesterday because the first one didn't work at all.   It seems to be working!  He slept much better last night and swear I see some improvement this morning on his knees and armpits.  The spots of his face aren't budging yet.  We should get the cultures back today or tomorrow to see exactly what strains of bacteria we're dealing with.  Oh, and Wells has it now so she's on the big bad double drug as well.  So there's that.  She has one bad spot on her neck right at the hairline and a few small scattered spots on her arms and legs. By yesterday afternoon they both seemed to have their energy back and were running full steam ahead.

Okay enough of that, let's look at some pretty!  I just want to look at lots of pretty today.

navy colorblock dress || Sleeveless Lace fit & flare dress || white strap wrap dress || Zuess swing dress || pink off the shoulder dress || pink pom pom oversized basket tote || straw pom pom clutch || Barbour striped dress (on sale) || monogrammed turkish towel || Washout art || Kate Spade just add water Water Bottle || Tassell Earrings || pink s'well bottle

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