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July 26, 2016

Wells is SIX!!!

Hello friends, where did Monday go?  Oops, it's Tuesday already.  We've been busy around here the past few days!  Matthew and I (and by that I mean Matthew) busted butt for several days in the backyard finishing up some projects so we could have Wells' party out there.  It was worth sweltering in the heat because it's looking so great.

Speaking of parties, Wells' party was awesome.  Hot and sweaty, but awesome!  No mishaps and so much fun!  I absolutely love hosting people in my home.  I'm not sure why I don't do it more often.  I talk about it but I never follow through.  I'm making it my new goal to do it more often.

I picked up all of the party decor from  Grace Street Print Co. and it was all so adorable!  Y'all know I always just decorate one spot.  Throw up all the crap I can into one area and it looks like so much effort was given to the whole party.  Several of my guests were super surprised to learn that I'm not crafty.  At all.  They were literally shocked that I hadn't make the decor myself.  Nope, I'm an ideas woman.  I know what I want and I know how to execute the final package but the idea of actually crafting the pieces make me squeamish.  I'm so thankful there are those of you out there that love it!

We decided not to rent the inflatable water slide. I bought beer and separate food for the adults instead. And guess what?  The party wasn't ruined.  Shocking news, twenty-some kids got together in a backyard with a good old fashioned sprinkler and swings and ate cake and ice cream.  No body was mad at that.  I don't mean to sound like I'm knocking the inflatables.  Honestly, I was really really really really wanting to rent a giant inflatable tropical water slide but the $900 price tag scared off my husband and the slip n slide in the $200 price range looked lame in comparison.  My 35th birthday is coming up this year and I won't be deterred so easily.  I was nine months pregnant at both Matthew's 30th and my 30th Birthday so I plan to make up for it big time this year.

Party food was super simple and came from a quick costco run.  Applesauce, Skinny Pop and assorted chips, pretzel chips and veggies with humus, fruit salad, costco sheet cake, and chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  Pink lemonade, bottles of water, beer, prosecco, and gin + tonics to drink.

Too many details overwhelms me and typically gets overlooked anyway.  People just want to have enough to eat and drink feel welcome.  A relaxed host is probably the most important thing you can offer.  So do what you can and forget the rest!

Our girl had such an awesome time with her friends!  We're seriously lucky to be surrounded by such great people.  Many of these friends have been with her for several years in preschool and it's going to be sad to think they're all headed off in different directions soon.


You may notice a big YAY she's SIX is missing from this post.  I'm not ready to deal with that yet.  A six year old.  She's practically 10.  Which is practically 20.  And I was 20 like yesterday, so crap.  I'm going to need a big feel all the feels post on that one.


Who's still shopping the big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

It looks like they're doing some restocking online but not in the stores.  At least not in the Richmond store.  I'm pretty much ignoring the kids stuff in the sale because I need things.  All the things.  I've been neglecting my wardrobe entirely too much in the past few years.  It was so fun to dress them when they were little but now it's my turn!

And I had to add in a few things for the rest of the family.  I'm not entirely heartless.

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  1. Adorable! Where are the pink + white stripe bowls from??

  2. Happy Birthday Wells! What a sweet birthday party! Those little unicorn piñatas are the cutest things ever. I'm still in shock over that $900 rental price for the water slide!!! Insane.

  3. Happy birthday wells! Everything turned out so well!

    McKenzie //

  4. Cutest. Party. Ever. And I SO agree with you on the ol

  5. Sorry! I agree with you on an old-fashioned backyard party without all the bells and whistles. Kids have awesome imaginations and create their own fun! The unicorn theme is precious and I like the idea of putting all the decor in one main area. You always make everything look super festive! And I'm not crafty AT ALL either...can't have it all! 😉

  6. I love the unicorn theme and everything looked so nice - so very Pinterest appropriate ;) - hugs.


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