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August 12, 2016

Date Night plus One (and a cute new handbag on sale)

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?  Wells is still with Matthew's parents and loving every minute of the two on one attention and endless fun.  Build a Bear, Mini Golf, Back to School clothes shopping, Target toy aisle shopping, baking cakes, swimming, beaching, walking the dog; lots of bonding and memories being made.  Now she's headed up to the mountains with them for the weekend.  I'm pretty sure she's not going to want to come home.  Tagg misses her lots.  It's really sweet the way he'll randomly sigh and say, I miss Wells.  But, he has adjusted to life as an only child swimmingly.  It's nice seeing the unfiltered version of him without his boss around.

Last night Matthew and I took him on date night with us and he was an astronaut when we went out to dinner.  He was the hit of the restaurant, to say the least; marching in there and walking back to our table with his helmet in his hand and his head held high.  We went to Continental; one of our favorite local places and super allergy friendly. I can't even handle the cuteness.  He spent the previous two days in his explorer vest and 'noculars looking for adventure out in nature before deciding he'd rather go to space.  Four year olds are so much fun.

I remember coming home late at night in college and ordering the most random things off the tv.  Om, pre-internet explosion people.  Shoes, make-up, shampoo, ponchos before ponchos were cool, kitchen gadgets; those ladies made everything look incredible.  While the random infomercial products were always less than stellar in person and annoyingly on auto refill, my QVC goodies were always name brand so the quality didn't disappoint.  I remember spending hours watching a Philosophy demonstration and being mesmerized by the sales pitch and the scrolling numbers at the bottom of the screen.  Maybe the only thing more intriguing were the hair pieces.  Ah, rainy Sundays pre-kids and before high speed internet.

I hadn't thought about those purchases in years.  So when QVC contacted me a few weeks ago about partnering on a post about Aimee Kestenberg handbags I figured it would be fun plus I know y'all always appreciate less expensive finds.  I feel like a cheesy spokesperson when I say they are handcrafted of genu-wine leather, but seriously, they are real leather bags in a decent price point; most are under $150.  I'm obsessed with all the pockets and the gold metal details.

I ordered the Pebble Leather and Suede Hobo in Latte and I love it.  It's the perfect size and looks much more expensive than it is.  It's today's special so right now it's under $200 + free shipping.  The latte color looks less orange on the website than it does in person.  You can see in my pictures here that it's actually a really nice warm natural leather color.  If you click on the fourth image of the picture upside down it shows the true color as well.  It's super lightweight but has a ton of room and so many pockets on the inside and outside.

Hands down my favorite part is that you have the option to pay in installments.  What?!  I didn't even know you could do that!  While I would never suggest using that method to order more than you can afford it's nice to spread the total out over 3-5 payments.  So the bag I'm wearing above can be purchased with four payments of $44.  Nice.  I sure wish my auto place would do that for the state inspection repairs.  I swear someone in Virginia has a back deal with a tire conglomerate.  Does anyone pass an inspection without needing at least two tires and new wiper blades every year?  Seriously, raise your hand.

If you're curious about my pretty bag you can take a look below to see more of my favorites from Aimee Kestenberg collection.

Thank you to QVC for partnering on this post.  All thoughts and reviews on handbags, late night binge shopping, and astronauts are all my own.


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