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August 2, 2016

Getting Ready For Kindergarten

School starts back soon and I've got organizing on the brain already.  Ideally we'd have a large mudroom but in reality we've got a small wall by the back door.  Matthew added a few hooks under the window last year so the kids could hang up their school bags and coats and a big basket on the floor for shoes.  It actually works pretty well.

I'm thinking this year I'll need to add some sort of wall file organization as well.  We never needed that with preschool but according to pinterest there are all kinds of papers coming home that need to be filed.  I like the idea of also framing the school calendar and the lunch calendar and other important pieces of paper that I'll want to reference throughout the year.

I don't really see myself updating a monthly calendar or our weekly menu in this zone, that will be written down in my day planner more than likely.  But I'm pretty interested in that magnetic dry erase board thing to for scribbling down important reminders for the week.  Like Gym clothes on Tuesday or don't forget family tree project due Thursday or Sales Meeting on Tuesday.

I'd love to find a place for a giant magnetic wall board like this one above.  I'm a huge fan of the way this looks and how practical it is.

That might be my next project for real.  But where on earth could I put it?  I need another wall.

What are you doing to keep organized for school?  Do you have any advice for an elementary school newbie?



  1. My son is going into first grade at the school where I think your daughter is going. I didn't find that there was as much to file/organize as I thought there would be. The school is really good about sending home a daily folder with any paperwork/schoolwork that needs to come home. I just kept a desk tray at the end of our kitchen counter (we have a really long counter that sticks out into another room -- so there's space that we don't use for cooking) and I put everything in there. Some stuff could get tossed right away (for example, a flyer about the soccer program we had already signed up for). Other stuff, I left in there for the week, and then I cleaned the file out every weekend. We got a weekly "newsletter" from R's teacher with weekly activities, reminders, etc. -- I kept that on top of the stack, and then tossed it when the week was done. I also sorted through schoolwork/artwork once a week to decide what to keep permanently, and what to toss. I kept the school menu towards the top of the stack for easy access. I also kept a little ziplock in the file to collect boxtops (the school collects them about four times a year), as well as some sticky notes and a pen -- one of the easiest ways to communicate with R's teacher was to put a sticky note in his daily folder that she checked everyday, and you also need to sign the daily reports in the folder everyday. Having everything in the little desk tray made it easy to clean out the folder everyday, sign it, put a note in it, etc. all at one place. And cleaning out the desk tray once a week prevented it from getting overloaded, and allowed me to keep essential things close at hand. Good luck with school this year! We just went school supply shopping this weekend!

    1. hahaha, I think you're probably right about the school. Send me an email, I'm curious to pick your brain about a few things :)

  2. my oldest child went to kindergarten last year and these things were helpful for me:
    1. i kept the lunch menu on the fridge (we have to order a couple of days in advance) so i could always tell her each morning what she was having that day
    2. i put a little note (sometimes on repeat ;)) in her lunchbox everyday
    3. i kept the daily classroom schedule on my bulletin board so, on days when lilly wasn't pumped to go to school, i could say, "but, you have art today! that's going to be so much fun..." also, you'll know when you need to wear tennis shoes for PE
    4. i put a little travel thing of hand sanitizer with a clip (usually in the checkout lane in target) on her lunchbox because kids are gross :)
    5. give yourself lots of grace and say "no" to things :) the babies are so tired after a full school day

    good luck and welcome to this new journey!!!


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