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August 4, 2016

Mama's Night Out + Favorite New Cocktail

Mama's Night Out.

Last night I went to my neighbor's house and drank grapefruit and lime gin & tonic's and swam on a giant inflatable pink flamingo until well after dark.  It was seriously just what I needed.  Good conversations with some friends and no interruptions from my children!  Holla!  Don't mind his missing limb, he lost a wing in a chariots of fire style race against a swan.  Ooops.  The flamingo is also available here and you can find a a similar cover-up on sale here.  I also love this one and this one.

For every #blessed #livingthelife #momsnightout style picture I post I always like to show the behind the scenes along with it.  So this is the other side of reality, me trying to get ready to leave with a miniature Ninja clung to my leg.  Not because he was going to miss me, we're fiiiiiiinally over that hump, but because he was hungry and is convinced that only his mother is capable of fixing a snack.  Or doing any menial task for him.  Om, ask your father.

Half dressed children, unmade bed, crap on the floor, pile of laundry, flying ducks in lieu of a proper headboard.  Living the life, y'all.


Serena & Lily // Tent Sale is still going strong with up to 75% off so many things.

Nordstrom // only FOUR DAYS left to shop the Anniversary Sale.  Prices go up on August 8th.


  1. Loving all of your recent posts and so identify with the half-dressed clingon kiddo!! I am totally digging your classes and need to upgrade mine...where did you find and who makes them?

  2. Your honesty is so refreshing! I have the same cover-up and love it!


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