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August 1, 2016


Monday.  I'm entirely out of clever blog titles today.  But while Thank God It's Saturday has a nice ring to it Oh For Chrisssakes It's Already A Monday Kind of Monday feels a bit dramatic, even for me.  I'm sure my less than stellar attitude this morning has nothing to do with the loud storm that woke me up and caused a leak in our kitchen or the random crash coming from Wells' room an hour later that needed to be fully investigated.  After we'd all gone back to sleep, of course.  Or the time at 3am that Tagg's covers fell on the floor and he needed a "wittle bit of help in heyay" finding them.  I'm sure it's actually more about the fact that I couldn't fall back asleep for an hour and a half after all the commotion and rather than thinking that it was my young babes keeping me up all night I felt like it was middle age.

Middle Age.  Okay, I know that's a bit dramatic for someone who's 34.  But Wells turned six and she's going to Kindergarten in a few weeks.  And Tagg turns five soon.  And I gave aways the last of our baby clothes on Friday and that makes it all feel so sad and final.  I'm no longer the cute young Mom with her precious smartly dressed matching little babes in tow.  I may be on the bottom rung but I've hit full blown Mom territory.  I've gained 10 lbs and it's all in my middle as if my body decided I don't need an actual waistline anymore.  I've heard forever that at 35 your metabolism stops.  Obviously I would defy the odds.  Obviously I'm more special than every single other woman out there in the history of ever.  Obviously I'm not.

It appears that my year of holding a glass of wine on our neighborhood walks and telling my children to quite whining as we walk up the hill or we'll go around again instead of pushing a stroller or carrying one on my hip is catching up with me.  I always joke about how I don't work out but the truth is I've been chasing and pushing two small children around for six years in a constant cardio and weight training circuit.  And then that stopped as quickly as it began.  Which makes me both thrilled and sad at the same time.  And it's so much easier to focus on my thickening waistline and impending Big 3-5 Birthday than come to terms with a chapter of my life closing.

I call this first look The 9:25.  Seen by ladies around the world in post-drop off runs to Starbucks or Target or decked out for the Farmer's Market.  I think some people actually work out in their work out clothes.  I'm afraid I might need to become one of those people.  Hello Orange Theory.

leggings || Tee || Sweatshirt || Fleece

I call this one Mommy Needs Her Coffee.  I know the internet is going crazy over this twisty hooded wrap top but I'm just not sure I can pull it off.  File it under looks cuter on others.

leggings || tee || hoodie

This dress. I was super surprised to like this one.  I assumed it would be shapeless and too short. This is a small and the length is perfect.  It's definitely very flowy but still flattering.  The bell sleeves are a little bit more 1970's gypsy than I'm used to but fun.  Would be so cute with booties.    I also tried on some work clothes and was really impressed with these basic work pants and sweater both under $50.  Might have to get a few colors.


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  2. Yes, yes and yes. I'm 34 too, and I joined an Orange Theory type gym about a month ago AND IT CHANGED ME. Well, as much change as I can get out of twice a week + my "cardio days" aka 30 minutes in the driveway before a celebratory wine, but it's working. Also, I read a post by Patricia from Southern Charm on Bravo and she said "Women nowadays look like they've been shot out of a cannon." So my new goal is to get dressed in real clothes every day. This goal is made easier by above gym reference. :)


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