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September 1, 2016

ART SALE | Part 2

ART SALE | Part 2

I had hoped to get these up for y'all last night but life got hectic.  Why does 6-8pm always feel so busy yet I get nothing accomplished?  I think bedtime is always the worst part of the day.  Seriously.  I used to LOVE bedtime.  I mean there is nothing better than calling the day done and hopping into the most comfortable place in my house to watch a good show. Even after kids up until recently bedtime went quickly and easily but now it's like cracking an impossible code to get their little minds to wind down.  Games, books, shows, backrub, backscratch, shower, no shower, 20 questions; we try it all and nothing is working right now!  I need it to get dark earlier, I think that's the only thing that's going to help.

Anyway, here are the final pieces from my Beach Series.  Just send me an email if you'd like one.  Enjoy!

 Each of the paintings above are size 11x14 unframed canvas
oil & acrylic

They can be purchased with or without the frame.  The total size of the piece framed is just under 17x20.  To purchase, you can email me at

$100 unframed
$225 framed

Thank you!!!

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