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September 7, 2016

Updated Kitchen Plans

It's Monday, right?  It feels like a Monday.  My girl missed school on Friday and a 4-day weekend got me all turned around. So Wednesday.  A Wednesday that feels like Monday.  Hmm.  And no, she wasn't sick, just exhausted.  Totally and completely exhausted.  Those are such long days for little ones.

You may have noticed on instagram that our kitchen is getting a little facelift!  Whoohoo!!!!  Y'all know how excited I am about this.  We bought the prettiest Carrara Greecian herringbone tile last week to use as the backsplash and now the whole project is moving forward!  I'm excited about having more counterspace and better layout.  The kitchen has three windows and three doors so while that let's in a lot of light and keeps it feeling really open (well open for a non open floor plan) it also majorly limits the counter space and storage space.  We're tried out a few layouts with the island and nothing really felt just right until now.  I think moving the fridge has made the biggest difference!

What we've already done:

1. Moved the fridge to the opposite wall next to the opening to the dining room and the ovens.  Love how you can now grab a drink from the family room or the dining room without getting in the way of someone cooking or doing the dishes.

2. Moved the cabinet base that was on that wall (and has been pretending to be an island for the past 6 months) to the spot where the fridge used to be on the wall with the sink and dishwasher.

3. purchased backsplash tile.

4. Brought in a piece of furniture to transform into a center island.  It's long and narrow which now works perfectly with the new layout.

What we plan to do:

1. Reface cabinet doors adding new trim and fresh paint and hardware.

2. New piece of stone for the center island.  We're planning on using a buffet we already own as the base.  It's the perfect size and came from Matthew's childhood home.  I'd love to go with something contrasting to what we choose for the countertops.  Love a good contrast.  We're also contemplating painting it a charcoal gray.

3.  New countertops. As good as they look they're actually 20+ year old black formica and we'd like to upgrade to a solid stone surface.  Most likely we'll go with a light granite.  I love the look of marble but it's not a practical choice for us and I'm not sure it's worth it to us to splurge on a quartzite or other pricier marble alternative.  We've already priced out some options at Home Depot and we plan to check out some local options as well so I'll keep you posted on that process.

4. New cooktop + range hood (new dishwasher and new ovens will come but not right away)

5. New floors.....maybe.  My husband really wants tile and I don't so that one is still up for debate betweenI'll probably win but we'll see. ;)

6. New light fixture above the island.  I want something in french gold or antique brass and a bit larger than the lantern we have in there now.

7.  Continue the backsplash tile up the wall space where the fridge used to be and add a floating shelf.  Either in wood or stainless steel.  This is my new mom station.  Coffee + Wine

8. New art.

9. Replace flourescent light above the sink with a new fixture

10.  Replace double sink with a single basin undermount and move it over to center it under the double window.

11. Box in the fridge so it's more built-in and not just floating on the wall.  Hopefully we can carve out a little tiny broom closet on at least one side of the fridge.



  1. Excited for you! Can't wait to see the progress!

  2. I love the new layout and I can't wait to see the transformation! Also, love that antique piece as an island!!

  3. Lovely. Looks a lot like my kitchen actually. We have white cabinets, light gray/white subway marble backsplash, and white/gray granite. We have a terracotta tile floor and I hate, hate, hate it. Pretty but super slippery if slightly wet, hard on your joints, and grout hard to clean. I would go with wood in a heartbeat. Only thing I really want to change in my kitchen and it's been years.

    1. Me too!!! Hate my teracotta tile so much, exactly same reasons! Would do wood in a heartbeat.

  4. I dropped a Pyrex dish on my pretty tile floor yesterday. It took me a good 1/2 hr to clean up the thousands of shards of glass. I am sure I missed a few. Wood floors are a must! Tile floors show a multiple of sins that wood floors beautifully hide.

  5. That all sounds wonderful Julia! I love the buffet you are going to use as an island, so much character! Your plan looks amazing.

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  7. Looks great, and yes marble is not practical in a kitchen. It stains very easily, and is prone to scratches, dings and dents. Something like salinas white would look great with your palette. It's a level 2 granite, so it's affordable! Good luck!

  8. There is an awesome granite warehouse in Richmond.

  9. LOVE following along with your projects! This one's going to be so much fun. I really like that you're keeping the buffet piece to use as an Island. It adds so much character. A conversation piece for sure. Hope it's smooth sailing from here! - McKenzie @

  10. I love how you mix beauty with function and practicality! Can't wait to see the finished product. If you need art, stop by my site!

  11. I love how you mix beauty with function and practicality! Can't wait to see the finished product. If you need art, stop by my site!


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