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October 3, 2016

Baby Shower Guide


I sometimes get so self-focused on here I forget that just because I'm already married and my babies are not exactly babies anymore I can still talk about weddings and baby stuff.  Especially since I still get invited to lots of showers.  This is the South, y'all, we love a good reason to celebrate.  With just family alone, I have a whole team of twenty-something cousins right now rocking away at the showers.  It's so fun!

I rounded up some of the baby items I loved when my two were tiny.  I love that these gifts are all practical but still fun and pretty!  I tried something new with the collage below so I think you can actually click on the images to go directly to their source.

Freshly Picked Moccasins || aden + anais swaddling blankets || sophie the giraffe || Jellycat bunny || rubber floor tiles || Teether bead necklace || wearable blanket || convertible car seat || babyletto crib || infinity nursing scarf || mariner crib sheet || rope gift basket || bunny lovey soother blanket || st. jude wooden train || bunny jelly cat ballerina || bottle drying rack || Angel Dear lovey (a pair and a spare) || PLATED meal plan gift card || Aquafor || silver plated rattle

What do you think? Anything I left off that you love to give a mom-to-be or a new mom?  My realistic list would be to just set the woman up on a diaper and wine delivery service.  Or chip in with a group of friends to hire her a cleaning lady to come twice a week for a few weeks.  I'm not even kidding.  Those are fabulous gifts, especially for someone who already has all the baby gear.

Another suggestion I'd make it to think ahead and buy clothes in a larger size.  No one can argue that newborn sized clothes aren't just so dang freaking itty bitty adorable [my weird wittle snuggle buggle voice just came out on that one, oh yes it did].  But honestly, it is so nice to after six months of watching all your pretty clothes get covered with spit up or poop, get to pull out something new and special from their shower.



  1. I agree about the advice in buying clothes in a bigger size. My mom insisted that I try to exchange as many outfits as I could for larger sizes, and it was so helpful! I also think that a cleaning service is a great idea, but it is always fun to give some baby gear. :) The chewbeads are actually super handy. My friend gave me some last year for Christmas and during the teething stage (which apparently lasts forever), they are such a handy distraction! Another gift I love for after the baby comes is a blanket with their name and birth date. Thanks for sharing your picks!

    1. completely agree about the baby gear! I think maybe the service gift is better for a second or third child :)

  2. My favorite go to items are a plush crib sheet, Miracle Blanket swaddle sack and the Dohm white noise machine. All necessary ingredients to getting some sleep! I can not live without these items. The plush crib sheet is so soft and in my experience much easier to put a sleeping baby on without waking them up versus a cold cotton crib sheet. The Miracle Blanket is the only escape proof swaddle I have found and the Dohm white noise machine blocks out other noises in the house so baby isn't woken up by loud noises (siblings).


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